Saturday, May 8, 2010

Action Plan

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's!!!

Mom's have to take action. They have no choice. Kids need care, and that mothering instinct kicks in to give mom a boost. Then it becomes habit to take care. Love is the driving force and love usually offers joy. Have you noticed that we humans pretty much always go towards joy and away from pain. If we have had more joy than pain around someone we usually want to be around that person. Mom's don't have choice, they love their kids and take care of them, pain and all.

Would you be willing to take care of yourself that way? Would you be willing to exercise no matter what? Eat the healthier options, no matter what? If you allow yourself these as gifts instead of punishment you might find that you feel so much better when you do eat well, exercise and take care of yourself daily. Keep doing it. Re-commit to doing it every day until it becomes a habit.

When I started macrobiotics I remember how much time it took to cook the food. My teachers emphasized a way of teaching where they believed every detail mattered. I appreciated that, but I'm impatient. I developed faster and easier ways to cook these foods that I was learning about. Most of the foods like whole grains, (amaranth, millet, quinoa,...) legumes, (aduki beans, black soybeans, mung beans...) sea vegetables, (dulse, arame, hizki...) were all new to me. I did know a fair amount of vegetables but I stuck to my favorites most of the time. The learning part did take some time for me. I wanted to know everything and my interest and how much better I felt kept me going until eating this was was my normal and the old way -
Dry cereal with some kind of milk on it, sandwiches, soy products, lots of chips or desserts every night began to not feel good every time I tried to revisit.

Now I choose to skip the snacks or the coffee drinks because I feel better when I do. Taking care of me is a high priority. Mom needs to set the example and take the best care of her so that she'll have more energy and vitality to enjoy her family and have even more to give.
Start doing more for your health and well being today!!
If you need a helping hand to keep yourself going - get a coach or a class. I did!

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