Monday, May 31, 2010

What's Fueling You?

Often I notice how someone might be more concerned with the type of gas that goes into their car or the meticulous detailed care they give their home or clothes or what happens to be important to them, then turn around and feed themselves less than stellar fuel to support themselves! Or they just let things slide and think they are eating healthy if they have a salad or a smoothie.

It's like a continuous April Fool's joke many are caught in day after day where they do not get the results they really want from their food and yet they keep doing the same things over and over. Each food has an energy that you are taking in and utilizing. Whoever controls the kitchen, controls your emotions, energy levels, moods and quality of thoughts, even how you interact on a Spiritual level. It's subtle and powerful stuff.

Meat for example has an incredible strong masculine type of energy. It builds aggressive behavior and too much, creates an acidic condition that can lead to trouble. In the right amounts for your particular body, it can create strength and vitality. I see many women though, eating too much meat for their size, and end up polorizing the men in their lives on an energetic and emotional level.

What about coffee and other stimulants that give you a false sense of energy? They mask and weaken your well working organs so you end up addicted and truly tired and puffier than you need to be. Stimulants often have a more feminine energy as well so used consistently the sugar, coffee, pills and things are eaten together with strong masculine type of foods and the result is huge emotional shifts that you might be trying hard to keep under control with outbursts that can get triggered with something small.

Little kids have little bodies so it is easier to see the shifts in them. Feed them balanced whole grains, (remember even if the label on a grain product like bread says it's whole grain, if it won't grow, it's not...I've never seen a bread tree yet.)beans, veggies, some fruits, seeds, etc. and you will see a happy lively kid. Too much bread, meat, cheese or salt, and you might have crying and fighting on your hands all of the time. Too many sweets and you'll also get some big emotional outbursts, crankiness, whining or the "I'm bored" syndrome.

Don't be fooled with advertising, extreme diets or even the latest trendy research pushing a specific berry or drink. There is nothing like learning to give yourself the best fuel for the results you want!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Action Plan

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's!!!

Mom's have to take action. They have no choice. Kids need care, and that mothering instinct kicks in to give mom a boost. Then it becomes habit to take care. Love is the driving force and love usually offers joy. Have you noticed that we humans pretty much always go towards joy and away from pain. If we have had more joy than pain around someone we usually want to be around that person. Mom's don't have choice, they love their kids and take care of them, pain and all.

Would you be willing to take care of yourself that way? Would you be willing to exercise no matter what? Eat the healthier options, no matter what? If you allow yourself these as gifts instead of punishment you might find that you feel so much better when you do eat well, exercise and take care of yourself daily. Keep doing it. Re-commit to doing it every day until it becomes a habit.

When I started macrobiotics I remember how much time it took to cook the food. My teachers emphasized a way of teaching where they believed every detail mattered. I appreciated that, but I'm impatient. I developed faster and easier ways to cook these foods that I was learning about. Most of the foods like whole grains, (amaranth, millet, quinoa,...) legumes, (aduki beans, black soybeans, mung beans...) sea vegetables, (dulse, arame, hizki...) were all new to me. I did know a fair amount of vegetables but I stuck to my favorites most of the time. The learning part did take some time for me. I wanted to know everything and my interest and how much better I felt kept me going until eating this was was my normal and the old way -
Dry cereal with some kind of milk on it, sandwiches, soy products, lots of chips or desserts every night began to not feel good every time I tried to revisit.

Now I choose to skip the snacks or the coffee drinks because I feel better when I do. Taking care of me is a high priority. Mom needs to set the example and take the best care of her so that she'll have more energy and vitality to enjoy her family and have even more to give.
Start doing more for your health and well being today!!
If you need a helping hand to keep yourself going - get a coach or a class. I did!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Win Win this Spring!

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Some of you must know that currently I'm back in college. You also are aware I'm sure that it is super costly!!! So Please help me win a little cash for college and click for me okay...

Need your votes to win!! Please go and click for me!

Why am I playing? Well you can't win if you don't play. I realize that some of these things are long shots and some of them have a better chance. With your weight, your health, the quality of your life, you can start creating habits that put you into a winning game. Healthy habits create health and not so healthy ones can destroy it over time.

Spring starts off a frenzy of cleanses. It's good marketing to get you to sign up for a regime where you can clean out a little. Most cleanses do not go very deep, they are a superficial cleaning. They also only last a few days up to a month. You certainly wouldn't want to live on a cleanse. In certain cases they can be effective if then, you start eating and creating a lifestyle that will create vibrancy.

For every reaction there is and equal and opposite reaction. That is a fact of the mathematical nature of nature. Cleanses often set people up to binge.... All that restriction feels like deprivation. Whenever I have done a cleanse I have had a day or two after of binging a bit. The more cleaned out my system, the less that seems to occur. Or maybe it could be I was in a different place psychologically. It's hard to know for sure. What I do know is, if you choose to cleanse, let it be a set up for a longer game of eating wonderful whole foods, letting go of processed goods for the most part, and really offering yourself a higher level of living. Forget the back and forth stuff. Like a smoker who smokes on again, then quits for a bit and then goes back to smoking maybe less until it creeps up to full on smoking and then they quit again.... You get the picture. They have not won - they are playing a game where there is no winning until they finally make a big shift, towards a more fun game, of living free.

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