Saturday, April 3, 2010

Win at Your Game!

We all have games we play with ourselves. Habits we fight against or give into or laugh at, habits of thought and action. Sometimes, when we least expect it, an old habit resurfaces. One we perhaps thought we had shifted out of, conquered or replaced, can zoom in out of nowhere and take us by surprise. The old you, old pattern, old thinking crashing in just to throw you off balance or for you to decide things do not change. Not really. Or maybe you see it as an opportunity to shed off another layer. Maybe this time is is getting the muck at the bottom that had drifted down and these last bits of things unwanted were now surfacing just to be dealt with and moved on from?

Is your game weight loss or feelings of social difference? Is your game a health issue, relationship issue or problem you have with finances, work or place you live? What is your game and what do you want the game to be?

Let's take the weight loss issue for example. There are those that attempt to lose weight and do for a little bit and then pop right back up to an unwanted weight. It can feel like starting over each time. Then they discover an inner resolve to solve this issue once and for all. They start exercising and making it a habit or create a new habit of what they eat most days and how much. Binging stops. They find they stabilize at a weight they are happy being and stay there. Then something happens in their life and they do not even notice the small extras that start creeping in or maybe an upset triggers a great big binge or several. Has the game changed? Are you back to a place you don't want to be in again? Do things really change?

The answer is all in how you interpret what is going on. That is the game. If you think it and believe it, it will be true for you. So you can not make minor set backs mean anything but a blip in the course of things to come. Let it go and find your resolve to feel the way you want to and take appropriate actions. In our weight loss example you might think something like, "Oh look I'm binging, that has not happened in so long, I must need to take care of myself. I can let this go now..." or what ever sets you back on course.

Making changes is not easy. It takes effort to stay on course. Without constant watch it is easy to drift like a boat left alone at sea. Decide to play a game of your own choosing and direct your course!

If you need some support at first - get a little coaching....

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