Friday, April 9, 2010

Morning Musings

I have a friend who is vegan. She is loudly vegan and feels if people stopped eating animals then the animals would be treated better and life would be better for everyone. I am not vegan. I was vegan for 10 years because it was my first introduction to the power of food. Switching to a vegan diet after years of Midwestern milk and meat eating was a huge shift for my body. My lifelong struggle with eczema disappeared instantly. It was profound and huge and I was scared to ever eat animal products. As the years rolled on and I learned more I found that I needed meat to be healthy. Balance doesn't happen overnight. The build up of so much meat and milk had created far too much acidity along with everything else I ate. The cleaning out did some good but was not a full cure all until I learned how to create balance by knowing how each individual food was effecting the body. It's quite simple but overlooked greatly.

Just as we overlook getting back to being responsible to ourselves, our community and the planet in order to get ahead and make more money. I watch as a nineteen year old girl I met spends her free time playing games online where she and her mates shoot people up. Our culture has blown up looking at horrors in the world and created an environment where what is taught is not bathed in quality, kindness and reverence but quite the opposite.

I remember being taught in school about the Native American Indians that lived on the land I had grown up on. They didn't over fish or over kill and they used every part of any Animal they sacrificed. They didn't hurt the Earth that grew their food but tried to give back and keep the circular cycles working in their favor. I was not taught like an Indian child. I feel that in many ways my life would have been better had I learned a greater degree of responsibility and if all of us did. If that were normal. If kindness were more normal would there be more care and less divorce? Would there be more winning products for everyone and less global warming? Would there be more happy shining faces and less sadness, struggle and disease?

What we are taught about food and thoughts starts from the parents but we can relearn at any time. What do you choose? It does start on your plate.

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