Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inflamation Be Gone!

If we cannot smell then food doesn't taste so good.
If food doesn't taste so good we look to find things that excite us more like strong flavors.
Often strong flavors and rich foods create inflammation.
Inflammation can block nasal passages or create mucus that can lead to not being able to smell so well.

America has an inflammation problem!
Swollen bodies, congestion, joint aches, back aches, neck aches, pain, blockages, skin rashes, hair falling out, and so much more. STOP! You can reverse your conditions and start feeling young, flexible and fresh right now.

Even when you know that eating millet might be better than that toast, if you are happy with bad habits it can be difficult to change. If you are committed to something other than your health and well being, than you might be making excuses for your choices that keep you less than fully happy and free. Wrap your brain around this. What do you want. Make a list. Now put it in order so what you want most is on the top of the list. What are you currently doing that is not working for you to have what you want? What are you willing to do differently and keep doing it consistently? How might you need to shift your thinking to keep being consistent with what you do? (write these things out right now...)

For example if you want to clean up your act and you are used to drinking a glass of red wine every night, that might be something you let go of for a time. Or only drink on Fridays and Wednesdays just as a suggestion. If you start defending your habit, you will find studies giving you all of the benefits of red wine drinking but that still won't change the reality that it is contributing to the acidity in your system and helping your symptoms grow larger rather than diminish. If instead of defending, you decide to cut down or stop this habit to see what happens no matter what - then it will be a challenge as you acquire a new habit of drinking water or tea instead. You can enjoy the challenge, hate the challenge, ignore the challenge, all choices are up to you. The more you commit to a life that gives you more, the more benefits you will see. You will start smelling better, tasting better and having more sensory experiences. It takes consistent commitment. Many people like to have a coach or someone they feel they want to keep their word to. If you pay your coach, you might not want the investment to be wasted so it will keep you in the groove until your new habits are in place. Go on and get more freedom! You'll be glad you did.

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