Friday, April 30, 2010

Eat Clean!

Walking out of the restaurant I felt good, satiated and clean. Healthy food generally is like that. It's "clean". It isn't about being vegetarian or not, or making sure there is the perfect fat gram count. It is about living in a way where food is delicious fuel to illuminate your cells with light, rather than knock them out or cover them up with gooey sludge.

Our current culture is all for sludge and just take a pill to fix the problems. We are pushed and pulled into believing that "You only live once" is a good excuse for daily doses of coffee, sugar, refined everything and culturally there is an agreement that loading up on rich offerings, that were once reserved for special occasions is our right. That desserts, treats and over indulging is fun.

Than there is the misconceptions of what is healthy! Smoothies are usually laden with sugar even if it is all fruit. Consuming 5 fruits in a few gulps can sometimes be just as much sugar in your blood stream as a cookie and that is before adding any agave, honey or brown rice syrup to the mix. The alkalizing green powders cannot balance all the sugar but since it does give you a light kind of immediate boost, it seems like a good thing to do. Maybe if you are a stocky athlete who also eats a fair amount of meat it will be some kind of balancing. For most people it slowly is weakening but it tastes so good and how can fruit be bad right? Too much too quickly of anything is probably not the best idea.

You need not like salad to eat well and some of those veggies you thought were horrible might be just your thing when prepared properly. I personally am not a fan of certain bitter greens like water cress raw but blanched I love them! The bitterness is taken away and I get the benefits of eating them like their re-hydrating ability.

Eating clean means more energy for you, less stress, less moods and ailments fall away! Try a six week experiment and see how it feels for you.

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