Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reggie brings back the cheese!

My friend Reggie was ordering some Daiya cheese. I knew this because I saw her post on Facebook. I'd tried it before but was not sure if the reactions I experienced were from the cheese itself, the other ingredients in the pizza I had it on, or the combination? I had only tried it that one time and it had not impressed me much. Vegan cheeses are just not like my memories of solid gooey substances I used to enjoy before I knew how much they contributed to my health problems. But Reggie is somewhat of a stickler for quality and I trust her judgement so I thought I might give Daiya another try.

Whole foods uses it on their vegan pizza's so I went up to the pizza counter to see if they would sell me a chunk. They were ahead of me. So many people must ask for it, Whole foods puts into containers and sells it by weight already shredded. They even have varieties. I took home a white cheddar that I thoroughly enjoyed without any reactions. I had grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and even ate some straight out of the container. It's light stuff and does not sit like lead in your stomach. Made from plants, it is not like those plastic like soy cheeses of the past, this stuff melts so easily and makes a fun treat.

Thanks Reggie for bringing back the cheese!!!

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