Monday, March 29, 2010

In Search Of Greater Temeh

Actually, I was not searching for better tempeh but I did know it existed. I had heard of a brand you could order from Montpelier Vermont. I had met a woman in the Santa Monica Co-op who told me she ordered that and Amasake. I never ordered to experience it and kept purchasing what we had at our local store. I was moving to New York soon and that was how we had gotten on the conversation. Her daughter was going to the school I eventually wound up at. It was one of those Coincidental meetings that you never exactly know how or why our paths crossed.

Now perhaps 5 months later I went to a gathering of healthy eaters last night. A young man with a lot of excitement for his products was there contributing tempeh to the pot luck. Big chunks of Tempeh with different flavors sat on plates with toothpicks to pick them up. Now I have always been a fan of the fermented soybean stuff since I was first introduced to it. I like the hearty meat like quality of it and that it is versatile to what ever flavor you care to give it. This was by far the best tempeh I have ever eaten. Softer and richer somehow. He had made his own but the company he cooks for: does almost as well with pre-packaged and already cooked and seasoned tempeh. They also have very fresh and homemade amasake they can ship out.

Ironically my parents have been going to Montpelier to get groceries six months out of the year for the last 20 years and I had never had the pleasure of discovering Rhapsody before. This year I will make an extra effort to go there when I visit enjoy a meal and definitely bring back some tempeh.

No waiting required though as you can mail order from them too!!

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