Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Solutions to Embarrassing Health Problems

We have all had those moment of discomfort, embarrassment or feelings of betrayal from our very own bodies. It depends on how you were raised, the level of negativity you give to gas, bloating, thinning hair on your head or added hair elsewhere. What about cold sores, or bad breath? There are solutions you can easily incorporate into your regime! Here are just a few:

Gas and Bloating can arise from many different conditions. Overeating being a huge factor. Allow yourself to slow down and really enjoy your meals and stop when you are starting to feel satiated. Even if it tastes great and you want to keep going, you can wrap up the leftovers and bring them with you for a later treat.

Another culprit is decreased digestive bacteria, so be sure to take a probiotic daily. Find one that you really feel works well for you. Jarrow EPS is one I like myself because I can take it with me and it doesn't need to be refrigerated. The strain of bacteria in the non-diary Bio-K plus is another absolute winner.

Thinning Hair is such a downer for many people. I've seen even bald spots reversed from a whole foods diet that includes sea vegetables daily. These magical foods are filled with minerals that nourish our hair and nails, helping them grow back thick and full. Dulse, Arame, Hiziki and Nori are all delicious when cooked or used properly. For tips on cooking them, look in cookbooks such as mine and experiment.

Sea veggies are also a great preventative for those pesky cold sores. Extreme temperature changes can trigger them so while you can cover up in Winter, during the warmer months you might enjoy cooling roasted barley tea, mint tea and roasted rice added to tea to help regulate body temperature.

It is difficult to have a conversation when someone is leaking bad breath your way. The best thing to do is clean up the diet completely since this sign of overall acidity. (Coffee drinkers beware.) No mint can cover up the stench from an out of balance system, so clear it up by eating more leafy greens, whole grains, and keeping the digestive system happy with what I mentioned above for gas and bloating.

These are just a few quick things to get you started. For more info, and great recipes, please go to

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