Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A woman emailed me because she is still dealing with her childhood eczema and looking for a cure. My cure was diet. My cure is still diet. Without my way of eating I would still be a bloody scratched up mess. If you have ever had a mosquito bite and remember the itch, just multiply that by 1000 and imagine those bites multiplied by 10,000 all over your body. That was what it was like before I started to learn to eat well. I itched so badly that my scratching was constant.

I remember being strapped down in the hospital at night with white terrycloth mittens on my hands and feet so that I wouldn't scratch myself. The night time was the worst. For some reason the itch was always more pronounced at night and I scratched myself bloody in my sleep. Not even those restraints in the hospital helped. I found a way to relive the itch contorting my body and scratched any way I could.

Of course then with enough scratching there are a lot of oozing bloody sores that dry up and cake over and then I couldn't move my arms and legs because it hurt. It hurt when I had to take my daily oatmeal baths. The sting of the hot water as it seeped into the sores was anything but soothing. Plus who feels clean sitting in a brown murky bath? I wanted to shower after the bath but I was supposed to let the thin film of oat stay on my skin and pat not rub myself dry with the bath towel. Then slather cortisone cream all over. At one point the doctors decided to add menthol to my tubs of cortisone cream. I grew up in Minnesota. Menthol in my cream during the winter was the last thing I wanted to put on my body. I would have much preferred something soft and cozy and warm like a chamois cloth robe or something. The cream was thick and sticky and I had to wait for it to seep in somewhat or my clothes would stick to me. My clothes stuck to me anyway. In the spots where my skin was oozing it would seep through the cotton of my clothing and dry. Then at night when I changed to pajama's I would rip the wounds open again.

It was an endless battle and my Mom took me to see doctor after doctor but they didn't have any answers. They tried drugs and more cortisone and nothing helped that much until I learned how food works. Food worked and still works! Learning what the individual foods do in our bodies gives everyone a bag full of tools to create with. What you create is up to you. I choose health and well being. What do you choose?

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