Friday, March 5, 2010

Do We Live by Our Labels?

I surmise that many a person lives by their labels. I'm not talking about designer. Well actually I am, designed by you! Labeling is easy stuff and can be a fun cultural game. We label automatically. We are taught to do this. That is a tree, that is a car, that is the color blue, etc. We use expressions like "Bitch" or "Loser" in jest. The harm comes from living by what labels you believe yourself to be. They are only true if you make them true.

I have a dear friend who keeps referring to himself as "A bit of a nightmare". Yikes! Why keep that label. I say just drop that and adopt something that is more fun. Sure, to live up to your new label might require effort. It might require monitoring yourself, your thoughts and actions and living up to who you want to be rather than who you have been so that you can have a new experience. If you do what you have always done you will get that result. Most creatures will create habits because that makes things easier. Labels are a habit. Stop - Drop - and roll with things that create more energy and aliveness. If you are late guy decide to be early guy and work at it. If you keep letting things slide and be good enough, experiment with going the extra mile.

In the beginning of anything new, you need to put in energy. Then it will eventually become a habit and will require less from you to keep it going. Take a look at what labels you choose and find fun new ones that give you more! Spring is a great time to lift up out of the old and into the new!!

I just had to watch Jerry Maguire for a class I am taking. Jerry didn't like the man he had become but if you watch, it took a lot for him to finally stretch himself into the man he wanted to be. In a two hour movie time gets compressed and we enjoy the show. If you look deeper this man had to go through some pretty rough stuff to get himself to change. He may be fictional but that is often what it takes for many people to wake up. That does not have to be you. You can decide to have great relationships and notice where you trip yourself up. Notice what labels you have that might keep you overeating or not exercising or being who you have been and start working on being who you would like to be. Who you are proud to be. It takes actions and it takes new labels.

If you need a little help - get some coaching!

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