Saturday, March 20, 2010

Deliciously Clean - An Ozu Experience

Happy first day of Spring! Here in New York the trees are budding, it is 75 degrees, sunny and the energy in the city, more alive than ever. Just beautiful to walk through Central Park and enjoy being here. Since being alive also involves the pleasures of food, I got to experience another restaurant new to me here in Manhattan - Ozu. What a wonderful experience. Ozu reminds me of why I enjoy Macrobiotic food so much. Clean food feels fantastic. It's such a subtle difference that I am sure most people miss it. I've always been ultra sensitive and picky with what goes near or in my body. Macrobiotic food is gentle and nourishing and has that aliveness of Spring when you eat it.

The word Macrobiotic simply means larger life. It doesn't just mean a diet of Japanese foods or that you must eat miso soup and brown rice every day. The quality of the ingredients is such that many people say how great they feel. More clear, focused and alive. Healing happens because the body is getting what it needs and doesn't need to deal with things it has a difficult time with.

Try to explain that aging just doesn't need to occur. You do not need to say oh I have aches, pains, gas, acid reflux, dry skin, extra pounds or need more sleep because of age. You can change your diet to correct these imbalances. Only so many people just do not want to change. I had breakfast with a friend who did not even notice that after telling me how great his diet is, he was experiencing mucus and phlem in his throat from the yogurt and granola breakfast he had just consumed. Yes, it is the food. No yogurt is not that great for you if your condition is already acidic. The small amount of good bacteria doesn't make up for the clogging dairy. In America we are so duped by advertising and false information it makes changing what we eat difficult. We all get wedded to ideas, our favorite treats and fun habits.

Hey guess what - me too! That is until I was willing to experience something new. I do not eat perfectly macro clean all the time. I do notice and feel better when I do. I keep balance going as much as I can. Sometimes that means ultra clean food to feel smooth and nourished and sometimes it means eating what I can when out with friends. Still other times, I'm eating for pure pleasure and fix things later with a few more simple meals or a remedy when needed. Macro living is balanced living and have a large great wonderful life. Full of great experiences. Ozu reminds me sometimes those great moments can be clean and extraordinarily delicious all at the same time.

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