Friday, February 12, 2010

Sticker Stop

I watched as the tiny sticker swiftly worked itself under the metal of the drain where I could not fish it out. Then it disappeared altogether. It was one of two stickers on my organic pear this morning I had gotten from Whole Foods. Two stickers with it's little 5 digit number telling the checkout person what to charge for my pear. It seems somehow against it's organic life to add adhesive to the surface. I imagine tiny bits of adhesive sticking to the pear and being ingested by me. I wonder if it is like gum and takes 7 years to leave my body. At least that is what I was told in elementary school. If I swallowed my gum I could be doomed for those 7 years, never knowing where my little wad could be lodged.

Well I worried about where that sticker was lodging itself as I watched it float away out of sight and down the drain. Would it clog the drain? I'm living in a New School dorm. City dorm rooms are converted apartments they call "suites". They are not very sweet. My roommates have beds, desks and armoires squashed together in what would be the living and dining area. Therefore the kitchen is basically in their bedroom. Thus New York city won't let us use the stove as stoves can not be in the bedroom. We cook everything one induction burner and a convection oven. My roommates use the microwave. They never read that the millions of cycles a second causes cancer very well in humans. I'm not telling them. They are very young, why give them ideas of fear. I'll let them decide what feels right to them especially since it's only a few months and then we all plan to get individual apartments with proper stoves.

We're 10 stories up. Does that mean my sticker is most likely making its way down a long tube of steel somewhere in the building? Or is it lodged in a crook right under my sink? I'll never know. Everything is welded together so that students can not take it apart. It won't dissolve. It's not biodegradable. If my pear had somehow fallen out of the truck it rode in on (with sticker on it already,) and landed on the side of the road to decompose all that would remain is that sticker. Perhaps I have inadvertently left my mark here in this room 10 floors up in New York City. I hope not. I hope it finds its way out.

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