Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simple Enjoyment

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast this morning. Breakfast has always been a favorite of mine. My little breakfast book ( is only a portion of fun breakfast ideas. I've been creative with breakfast. My mom seemed happy with breakfast when I lived at home. It was an easy meal. Few dishes and often little to making it. Perhaps boiling water for cocoa or hot cereal, or just warming up or toasting a bagel, or other bread item.

I especially liked getting to have a pastry growing up as my breakfast. A homemade muffin or a big bear claw from the local bakery. Even a bowl of cereal where I worked with getting just the right amount of milk in the bowl to play different games I would devise with each brand. Lucky charms - I would eat the crunchy cereal and save the marshmallows for last. Captain crunch I had some game of eating the ones that were broken or sank in the milk first. Shredded wheat had to get completely soaked by the milk first and then I liked to eat it as if it were hay being baled by my fork. Breakfast was always a fun moment in my morning.

Now my breakfasts are usually fruit, whole grain and tea. On the weekends I like to make something more like pancakes, waffles or a scramble. I still relish the simple delight of sitting in the early morning quiet, tasting the flavors of my meal. This morning I just had some perfectly made millet for the morning. Not runny, or lumpy or dry. It was just right with some sweet apple tossed in at the end and flax oil. I always add some flax oil for the buttery flavor it adds as well as the health benefits it provides. A cup of dark rich and mellow kukicha tea completes the meal.

I do love breakfast foods and going out to breakfast is such a treat! It's more than the foods that I enjoy. The excitement and quiet in the morning. The promise of the new day ahead. Only right in this moment there is no where to be but here. Right here enjoying the flavors perhaps when the sun has only just started its rise. Perhaps before everyone has stumbled out of their beds. It's a special moment of the day that I like to enjoy.

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