Monday, February 22, 2010

Sensa Makes No Sense

The word nonsense - foolish - unacceptable - darn crazy, that is how I view the addiction to finding a product that will allow a person to eat non food and become skinny. The desperate search for paying instead of acting responsibly. People will pay money instead of learning how to take care of themselves. When they find their new non-sensa diet has hurt their health they will be suing someone for damages and probably win back their dollars but they might not be able to recover perfect cellular function again. Who knows. I just heard about this product where you sprinkle flavorless crystals over your food and you lose weight. Rubbish!

I am happier with my body now than I have ever been because when you eat a whole foods based diet AND know how to make that diet work for you - you can eat plenty of great food, be thin and incredibly healthy, clear, focused and energized to boot!!! I watch people struggle even when they believe they eat well. They don't yet know how foods work so they think beets, peppers and spinach are just as great as pumpkin, kale and apples. Each food is completely different and for some people those first three mentioned items would cause acidity and illness or even some weight gain. The next three can create clear skin and more energy. It's knowing what the items do for you and how they work and it's simple.

You don't need sprinkles you need knowledge for effective weight loss!

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