Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Romaine Raving

My friend Amy introduced me to roasted romaine. She had sliced the bunch in half and let each side sit directly on the grill. From then on it was love of lettuce like never before. Lettuce used to bore me. It doesn't pack a nutritional wallop like heartier greens. It doesn't offer exceptional flavor like a sweet organic carrot can. No, lettuce was more of a background player in my casting of vegetables. Roasting it showed me it's star potential. It plays a good supporting role too and holds up well cooked as well as raw. A stellar salad can be chopped fine romaine mixed with cooked red quinoa, raw carrot, celery and a few roasted nuts or seeds or try Enoki mushrooms. Top with your favorite dressing. Add cut up romaine to a black bean stir fry and the flavors blend beautifully. Use romaine were you might add any other green or combine them. Spinach to Kale get a whole new twist pairing them side by side with romaine. Almost any sauce or dressing seems to go well with romaine from the sweet to the savory.

See what you come up with!

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