Sunday, February 14, 2010

Parents Wake UP!!!!

Parents wake up!!! I just read an account a doctor had made of patients in his clinic. There were mothers concerned as their children were obese and yet it was them buying the sodas and chips that the kids were consuming. Stop it. It's that simple. Make exercise a mandatory part of life. Stop what ever silly excuses your creative minds make up and take responsibility for your own kids. You did when they were born! You had to feed them and cloth them and give them baths when they were tiny. It doesn't stop because they can make their own choices.

How are you parenting? Are you saying yes to every Coffee Bean request and letting your kids eat pizza every night because it is easier for you? Those can be fun and maybe a once a week treat, but people get into everyday habits that are long term determent to the offspring they love.

Yeah, you get more support for buying boxed cereal and running through drive through because we live in a wacky fast food society where grabbing and going is prized. I currently look at the monster dish rack my two roommates have taking up 2/3 of our counter space and I want to toss it out the window. It only takes a couple of minutes at the most to dry the couple of dishes they might use at a time. Somewhere in their minds they learned that "It just takes too long" to dry dishes....That is crazy. Then we all suffer by having to create our meals on a tiny postage stamp of counter space.

Now you might look at this example and not see the point. The point is how many times a day do you allow your thoughts to go to the cultural lazy ass way of doing things or how often do you buck up and make life that much better for yourself and those around you by going the extra inch. It's not even a mile to buy your kids great foods and enforce exercise and do it for yourself and them! Take a walk, get on a bike or do some yoga/pilates on the floor....Get a soccer ball and start kicking it around with each other. Make up fun family time events that involve good food and good active fun.

If I can make great meals in minutes with simple whole foods, than you can too. Your kids can even do it themselves. It has to become what you are doing or you will be paying a lot later. Do you want to see your kids suffer with diabetes, cancer or even horrific acne? Do you want to pay the medical bills later or pay a little more for good food right now? Healthy habits start with you the parents, and if you don't reinforce them, who will??

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