Friday, February 19, 2010

Natural Deodorants - What's working?

Natural deodorants - what do you choose? I've tried a fair amount of the deodorants that are out there over the years. When I was growing up and my doctor wanted me to use something other than what you would buy in the drug store I had a little pink bottle of something more natural. It squirted out instead of rolling on and it was difficult but kept me from smelling and didn't clog my body or use aluminum. Deodorants are not antiperspirants and there was still a problem with wetness.

As I learned to eat better and became less acidic in my system, voila - I didn't sweat as much or even smell as much but I still wanted something that worked and the little pink bottle of my youth was off the market. I'd been using an average not too healthy brand and looked to switch. I found myself frustrated that each one I tried seemed to work for a few weeks and then didn't work so well. The deodorant stones, sticks and even sprays. None of them did a stellar job. That was until I found Real Purity ( and gave it a try. Wetness and odor were a thing of the past and it continued to work month after month and year after year.

Then I flew to New York and no longer was able to purchase the Real Purity in a nearby store so I opted to try a Toms that was free of bad things. I thought years have gone by and improvements have probably been made to most of these products by now. No such luck. Back to the issues of slight wetness and odor protection seems to be wearing off after a month. I got online and ordered some Real Purity. It will be here soon. To my delight, the product is less costly online even with shipping!!!!

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