Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I was talking with a woman about Candida. She is frustrated that she keeps having to deal with it, and found an article I wrote on intestinal disorders for the Macrobiotics Today magazine. Diet alone is not enough to clear Candida. It's one stubborn beast, that I feel, you must get under control once and for all, and stop having to deal with it.

She didn't want to hear me that, when I had it, I didn't eat anything sweet for a year. Yes, a year. For me that was huge because I do love sweets. I love feeling good more I guess. I toughed it out. It wasn't fun. I just knew I had to clear up the yeast problem or I would never be free of it. I faithfully took my probiotics and tried many a remedy. I also didn't tell myself it would be a year. I would stay off of all sweets including fruits for a couple of months at a time and re-evaluate. I knew how I was doing from how I felt and I did the spit test you can find printed in books or on the internet. There were moments I thought I was okay and I would eat something, react and realize it was too soon to go indulging and go back to my no sweets regime.

I probably ate too many grains so maybe my recovery would have been faster if I had not eaten so much millet, quinoa and some brown rice. I felt best with Millet and Quinoa and sometimes I would have teff or amaranth. There has to be something to eat though and a diet of fish and vegetables is just too stark for my tastes. It was bad enough to not allow myself fresh fruit. But after researching and trying things out, my diet was darn great, and along with the supplements I conquered the Candida beast and never had to deal with it again!

If you are interested in that article I think you can download the magazine here:

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