Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Romaine Raving

My friend Amy introduced me to roasted romaine. She had sliced the bunch in half and let each side sit directly on the grill. From then on it was love of lettuce like never before. Lettuce used to bore me. It doesn't pack a nutritional wallop like heartier greens. It doesn't offer exceptional flavor like a sweet organic carrot can. No, lettuce was more of a background player in my casting of vegetables. Roasting it showed me it's star potential. It plays a good supporting role too and holds up well cooked as well as raw. A stellar salad can be chopped fine romaine mixed with cooked red quinoa, raw carrot, celery and a few roasted nuts or seeds or try Enoki mushrooms. Top with your favorite dressing. Add cut up romaine to a black bean stir fry and the flavors blend beautifully. Use romaine were you might add any other green or combine them. Spinach to Kale get a whole new twist pairing them side by side with romaine. Almost any sauce or dressing seems to go well with romaine from the sweet to the savory.

See what you come up with!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sensa Makes No Sense

The word nonsense - foolish - unacceptable - darn crazy, that is how I view the addiction to finding a product that will allow a person to eat non food and become skinny. The desperate search for paying instead of acting responsibly. People will pay money instead of learning how to take care of themselves. When they find their new non-sensa diet has hurt their health they will be suing someone for damages and probably win back their dollars but they might not be able to recover perfect cellular function again. Who knows. I just heard about this product where you sprinkle flavorless crystals over your food and you lose weight. Rubbish!

I am happier with my body now than I have ever been because when you eat a whole foods based diet AND know how to make that diet work for you - you can eat plenty of great food, be thin and incredibly healthy, clear, focused and energized to boot!!! I watch people struggle even when they believe they eat well. They don't yet know how foods work so they think beets, peppers and spinach are just as great as pumpkin, kale and apples. Each food is completely different and for some people those first three mentioned items would cause acidity and illness or even some weight gain. The next three can create clear skin and more energy. It's knowing what the items do for you and how they work and it's simple.

You don't need sprinkles you need knowledge for effective weight loss!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Magic Touch of Lemon!

Sometimes I forget how delicious celery can be as an additional vegetable. I just made some Tempeh that was fantastic with kale in an elegant white miso sauce. I saw the celery sitting there and thought I'd add in a stalk. I browned the tempeh on each side in rice bran oil, then added some water, white miso, agave and the kale and let it simmer for 15 more minutes until the water had simmered away. I tossed in the celery towards the end. The magic touch was lemon. I had bought a wonderfully flavorful organic lemon from Whole Foods that was so large I could use it for many dishes. Lemon was definitely the spark this whole dish needed. I wish I had made more it was so good! I think the next time I will make twice as much as I need because it would be good cold too. Let me know what you come up with!

Natural Deodorants - What's working?

Natural deodorants - what do you choose? I've tried a fair amount of the deodorants that are out there over the years. When I was growing up and my doctor wanted me to use something other than what you would buy in the drug store I had a little pink bottle of something more natural. It squirted out instead of rolling on and it was difficult but kept me from smelling and didn't clog my body or use aluminum. Deodorants are not antiperspirants and there was still a problem with wetness.

As I learned to eat better and became less acidic in my system, voila - I didn't sweat as much or even smell as much but I still wanted something that worked and the little pink bottle of my youth was off the market. I'd been using an average not too healthy brand and looked to switch. I found myself frustrated that each one I tried seemed to work for a few weeks and then didn't work so well. The deodorant stones, sticks and even sprays. None of them did a stellar job. That was until I found Real Purity ( and gave it a try. Wetness and odor were a thing of the past and it continued to work month after month and year after year.

Then I flew to New York and no longer was able to purchase the Real Purity in a nearby store so I opted to try a Toms that was free of bad things. I thought years have gone by and improvements have probably been made to most of these products by now. No such luck. Back to the issues of slight wetness and odor protection seems to be wearing off after a month. I got online and ordered some Real Purity. It will be here soon. To my delight, the product is less costly online even with shipping!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Parents Wake UP!!!!

Parents wake up!!! I just read an account a doctor had made of patients in his clinic. There were mothers concerned as their children were obese and yet it was them buying the sodas and chips that the kids were consuming. Stop it. It's that simple. Make exercise a mandatory part of life. Stop what ever silly excuses your creative minds make up and take responsibility for your own kids. You did when they were born! You had to feed them and cloth them and give them baths when they were tiny. It doesn't stop because they can make their own choices.

How are you parenting? Are you saying yes to every Coffee Bean request and letting your kids eat pizza every night because it is easier for you? Those can be fun and maybe a once a week treat, but people get into everyday habits that are long term determent to the offspring they love.

Yeah, you get more support for buying boxed cereal and running through drive through because we live in a wacky fast food society where grabbing and going is prized. I currently look at the monster dish rack my two roommates have taking up 2/3 of our counter space and I want to toss it out the window. It only takes a couple of minutes at the most to dry the couple of dishes they might use at a time. Somewhere in their minds they learned that "It just takes too long" to dry dishes....That is crazy. Then we all suffer by having to create our meals on a tiny postage stamp of counter space.

Now you might look at this example and not see the point. The point is how many times a day do you allow your thoughts to go to the cultural lazy ass way of doing things or how often do you buck up and make life that much better for yourself and those around you by going the extra inch. It's not even a mile to buy your kids great foods and enforce exercise and do it for yourself and them! Take a walk, get on a bike or do some yoga/pilates on the floor....Get a soccer ball and start kicking it around with each other. Make up fun family time events that involve good food and good active fun.

If I can make great meals in minutes with simple whole foods, than you can too. Your kids can even do it themselves. It has to become what you are doing or you will be paying a lot later. Do you want to see your kids suffer with diabetes, cancer or even horrific acne? Do you want to pay the medical bills later or pay a little more for good food right now? Healthy habits start with you the parents, and if you don't reinforce them, who will??

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sticker Stop

I watched as the tiny sticker swiftly worked itself under the metal of the drain where I could not fish it out. Then it disappeared altogether. It was one of two stickers on my organic pear this morning I had gotten from Whole Foods. Two stickers with it's little 5 digit number telling the checkout person what to charge for my pear. It seems somehow against it's organic life to add adhesive to the surface. I imagine tiny bits of adhesive sticking to the pear and being ingested by me. I wonder if it is like gum and takes 7 years to leave my body. At least that is what I was told in elementary school. If I swallowed my gum I could be doomed for those 7 years, never knowing where my little wad could be lodged.

Well I worried about where that sticker was lodging itself as I watched it float away out of sight and down the drain. Would it clog the drain? I'm living in a New School dorm. City dorm rooms are converted apartments they call "suites". They are not very sweet. My roommates have beds, desks and armoires squashed together in what would be the living and dining area. Therefore the kitchen is basically in their bedroom. Thus New York city won't let us use the stove as stoves can not be in the bedroom. We cook everything one induction burner and a convection oven. My roommates use the microwave. They never read that the millions of cycles a second causes cancer very well in humans. I'm not telling them. They are very young, why give them ideas of fear. I'll let them decide what feels right to them especially since it's only a few months and then we all plan to get individual apartments with proper stoves.

We're 10 stories up. Does that mean my sticker is most likely making its way down a long tube of steel somewhere in the building? Or is it lodged in a crook right under my sink? I'll never know. Everything is welded together so that students can not take it apart. It won't dissolve. It's not biodegradable. If my pear had somehow fallen out of the truck it rode in on (with sticker on it already,) and landed on the side of the road to decompose all that would remain is that sticker. Perhaps I have inadvertently left my mark here in this room 10 floors up in New York City. I hope not. I hope it finds its way out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Simple Enjoyment

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast this morning. Breakfast has always been a favorite of mine. My little breakfast book ( is only a portion of fun breakfast ideas. I've been creative with breakfast. My mom seemed happy with breakfast when I lived at home. It was an easy meal. Few dishes and often little to making it. Perhaps boiling water for cocoa or hot cereal, or just warming up or toasting a bagel, or other bread item.

I especially liked getting to have a pastry growing up as my breakfast. A homemade muffin or a big bear claw from the local bakery. Even a bowl of cereal where I worked with getting just the right amount of milk in the bowl to play different games I would devise with each brand. Lucky charms - I would eat the crunchy cereal and save the marshmallows for last. Captain crunch I had some game of eating the ones that were broken or sank in the milk first. Shredded wheat had to get completely soaked by the milk first and then I liked to eat it as if it were hay being baled by my fork. Breakfast was always a fun moment in my morning.

Now my breakfasts are usually fruit, whole grain and tea. On the weekends I like to make something more like pancakes, waffles or a scramble. I still relish the simple delight of sitting in the early morning quiet, tasting the flavors of my meal. This morning I just had some perfectly made millet for the morning. Not runny, or lumpy or dry. It was just right with some sweet apple tossed in at the end and flax oil. I always add some flax oil for the buttery flavor it adds as well as the health benefits it provides. A cup of dark rich and mellow kukicha tea completes the meal.

I do love breakfast foods and going out to breakfast is such a treat! It's more than the foods that I enjoy. The excitement and quiet in the morning. The promise of the new day ahead. Only right in this moment there is no where to be but here. Right here enjoying the flavors perhaps when the sun has only just started its rise. Perhaps before everyone has stumbled out of their beds. It's a special moment of the day that I like to enjoy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

100 things to Love

I used to assign a little exercise to certain clients. I would ask them to write out 100 things that made them happy. Most everyone failed to do it. They had a week to do the list. I completed one in 20 minutes just to see if it was really that hard to do. What I discovered was that most of the people were looking for the big things. They were looking for a diamond ring or the perfect massage to be what made them happy. Life is rather made up of a series of small things though. The big events like an engagement, wedding, birth, new job, new home, etc., only come now and again and even the big events are fleeting.

Remember the phrase "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and It's All Small Stuff"? What if we celebrated the small stuff and not just when we are told to by a Holiday. Often these same folks would hate Holidays because everything was always wrong. They had expectations that could not be fulfilled. They often ate and ate because they were looking for food to fill up the void of good feelings. The good feelings could not get in because they were passing them up waiting for something bigger and better to come along.

With Valentine's Day less than a week away - you might want to take out a sheet of paper and jot down 100 things you love. Let it be easy. Do you love sunshine or light or seeing a happy dog? What do you love? Then let yourself feel those good feelings all day long!!! It's even more fun than cookies - well maybe..................

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I was talking with a woman about Candida. She is frustrated that she keeps having to deal with it, and found an article I wrote on intestinal disorders for the Macrobiotics Today magazine. Diet alone is not enough to clear Candida. It's one stubborn beast, that I feel, you must get under control once and for all, and stop having to deal with it.

She didn't want to hear me that, when I had it, I didn't eat anything sweet for a year. Yes, a year. For me that was huge because I do love sweets. I love feeling good more I guess. I toughed it out. It wasn't fun. I just knew I had to clear up the yeast problem or I would never be free of it. I faithfully took my probiotics and tried many a remedy. I also didn't tell myself it would be a year. I would stay off of all sweets including fruits for a couple of months at a time and re-evaluate. I knew how I was doing from how I felt and I did the spit test you can find printed in books or on the internet. There were moments I thought I was okay and I would eat something, react and realize it was too soon to go indulging and go back to my no sweets regime.

I probably ate too many grains so maybe my recovery would have been faster if I had not eaten so much millet, quinoa and some brown rice. I felt best with Millet and Quinoa and sometimes I would have teff or amaranth. There has to be something to eat though and a diet of fish and vegetables is just too stark for my tastes. It was bad enough to not allow myself fresh fruit. But after researching and trying things out, my diet was darn great, and along with the supplements I conquered the Candida beast and never had to deal with it again!

If you are interested in that article I think you can download the magazine here:

incurable to curable just say Ahhhhhhh

Eczema in incurable. It's not talked about and doctors assume you'll grow out of it or that it really isn't a disease worth worrying about. There are those of us though who suffer far more than others with a horrific itchy, oozing, scraped up bloodied skin disorder that doesn't even go away with all the medications.

What about Crohn's disease, herpes, shingles, and all sorts of labels of supposedly incurable ailments that effect millions of people. Is there are a cure or is that just poppycock?

Since I had one of those horror stories that led me from ripped up painful skin to being almost dead a couple of times as my bodies condition worsened, I can tell you it's simple but perhaps not so easy.

I adopted a healthier life that started with changing my diet. Thus being free to eat does not mean being a glutton or eating just any 'ole thang....

You are free when you eat according to Natures rules and not societies. The dessert every night or afternoon tea, does not exactly work for bodies designed to dine on things that grow. Indulgences and treat are fun and can be a part of what is consumed but according to conditions and what you want to create.

To cure the incurable you just get to step out of what we now think is normal or right and find a new right or normal that includes basics. If it grows it is probably basic. Leaves like kale or collards or lettuce. Roots like carrots, parsnips, burdock or daikon. Grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats and more. There is so much to choose from its glorious.

I think for me it was like waking up to a whole new world. A world of wellness. A world where there is rarely any over weight. A world filled with creativity, clarity and energy!!! Would you like those things too? Please join me and step in. If you think you have something incurable just step In to Curable right now. Healing happens and the first prescription is in your food. Learn how it works. While some veggies like beets have to much inflammatory acids for certain conditions or maybe kale is too warming for someone and collards become better these things are easily learned to create healing that leads one back to being able to eat most all of the whole foods. Get curious and find out how to elevate your life right now!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Beauty Below the Skin

Celeriac or Celery root is not the prettiest of veggies. You might pass it up so as to not have to wrestle with its thick ugly skin, but it's worth the effort of cutting away that gnarly mask to enjoy the sweet meat within.

I have a love of celery root and not just because it can keep you slim or pump up your potassium. I love it because it is delicious no matter how you cook it. Shred it and add a dressing allowing it to marinate and it's divine. Steam it and it melts in your mouth. Add it to a soup or a stew and the flavor will be more rich than celery itself.

It's a beautiful vegetable - you just have to go below the surface - so dig deep!