Monday, January 25, 2010

Willingness, your first key to Weight Loss Success!

Weight loss is big business. It's not easy to change well worn habits and patterns and slip into something you might like to have, but is uncomfortable. I've seen that when people get regular coaching with me, and start doing what I ask them to do, they see the results and the results last. No more wishing your body were different. No more keeping several sizes in the closet. No more feeling badly when you look in a mirror or little things like tying ones shoes, bending over or climbing the stairs.

Weight just becomes a non issue once you solve it for good! I know because I used to obsess and be upset so much of the time about my own weight. I used to try to look slimmer and buy clothes that hid the parts I didn't like. I felt badly so much of the time and I comforted myself with food. Ha! Food was more than nourishment or a good meal. Food could stand in for comfort or love or cover up things I just didn't want to feel.

When I learned about whole foods and how the individual foods work in the body, I found freedom. Now meals are more satisfying and filling. I get to eat more not less, to have a slender figure! Go figure...

So what does it take to make the switch from puffy and plump to slender and sexy? Willingness.
Even now as I have been getting things going this morning, I notice I feel hungry even though I had a wonderful breakfast. It is not true hunger but it sure feels like it. It's a hunger facade because I don't want to start doing my taxes and that is what is next on my agenda this am. (Okay so now I'm procrastinating a tad more writing this, I'll admit....) If I tell myself that I need to eat something because I feel this fake hunger than I could be eating all morning and never get anything done. People tell themselves all sorts of things. Naturally thin people though might tell themselves that lunch will come soon enough and get to work. Once you begin doing something, you usually forget about the hunger you were focused on. If it were true hunger, I might eat a snack of something like an apple or maybe some leftovers but by now I know the difference. Even if I didn't, I know I won't starve, and distracting myself for the time being doing something productive is going to make me feel better than eating something.

If you are serious about being healthier, shedding some weight and feeling your best. Look no further than your own thinking, learn how food works and start living your dreams right now!!!

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