Sunday, January 31, 2010

When Less Is More!

Moving to New York a couple of weeks ago I showed up with my whale of a suitcase filled to the brim, a backpack and my camera. (It's been too cold to shoot yet but I'm gearing up to shoot anyway....) I only purchased what I needed to make my little room happy and a few things to cook with. My idea was to just camp here for a few months before looking for what's next.

We get attached to things and having more. I used to have so many dishes or wooden spoons or loads of spices at my fingertips. While abundance is nice, I'm finding the beauty in sparsity. I currently have only one mug, one little plate, one bowl, a couple of spoon, chopstix, a good knife, tiny Ikea cutting board, and 3 pots to cook with. Mostly I'm only using two pots consistently. Everything gets used, washed and put away with each meal. It's efficient, neat and is working quite well.

I was thinking about this this morning as I have had several people emailing me that they struggle with "staying on" an eating well plan. In America I think that there are expectations of what is "right". By right I mean that if someone doesn't get their dessert each night, they feel deprived. Or maybe it's the coffee, chocolate or whatever they expect or feel entitled to each day. A plan sounds to me like a diet with a better title. A plan suggests it is something to do for a little while and then get back to the fun stuff. Eating well is just eating well, and ought to be the norm. While we may lust after luxuries or love to indulge, they lose their luster when they become commonplace in our lives. The indulgence becomes gluttony and the pleasure it was there to give becomes the pain of illness or overweight.

It is amazing to me how many people think having things to deal with like headaches, many colds, or nasal dripping, stomach aches, acid reflux, gas, all sorts of bodily disturbances are just part of life. They do not have to be. In fact they should be rare and not common at all. They are rare when we eat less of what Americans think is the way to go, and eat more traditional foods instead. Less bread and more whole grain. Less sweets and more sweet veggies and fruits. Less food out of bags or boxes and more home cooking. (also saves the planet...)

Less can be more in so many ways. You might find you like having less clutter and more space. Eating well can give you less stress and more energy. Less mind fog and more clarity. Less things to deal with like ailments, so more time for fun and expressing yourself. It's fantastic when you think of how in many ways having less gives you more life!

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