Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NYC Dorm life

I've been living in my dorm room now for several days. Luckily my flat mates are not here yet so I've been able to navigate the extremely challenged kitchen without the added obstacle of others desires or objections. One or both of them seem to also cook their meals as the cupboards would indicate.

I have to wonder if it really is NYC coding that is dictating the incredibly poor choices made in this kitchen, or if the school makes every effort to get the students to utilize campus dining options because it would be so much easier? There is a stove that is useless. A built in microwave that apparently is also useless so there is a giant microwave/convection oven sitting on top of the useless stove and under the useless second microwave. This takes up approximately one half of the could be used counter space. There is so little counter space and the two women who are living here already have a large dish rack taking up half of the usable counter space. I have never been a fan of dish racks. Most of the time they feel or look moldy to me. It takes so little time to wipe a dish dry. You just need a good dish cloth. Don't get the ones at Ikea. They looked so promising but are not absorbent. Flour sack clothes are my favorites. I'll have to search some out. How can people have so much time for FB and Twitter and not be able to dry a dish? I suspect it is just a thought that has them turn left (dish rack) instead of right (just take the two seconds to dry the dish and put it away...) I dry the dishes while waiting for the water to boil for tea. I've been amazing myself at my efficiency actually in this tiny space.

I contemplate doing a cookbook of the super fast and simple dishes I've been eating since I only have that microwave/convection oven and an induction burner. I had never heard of an induction burner before. I don't even want to know what cooking over magnets is doing to my cells. It's all I have just now so eating is more important than dashing out and losing my non refundable enormous rent on my abode. In L.A. this would be a walk in closet that is now my room. I've livened it up with some bright color and light.

In some healing traditions there is the same theory one learns in ballet. You have to go down to go up. A dancer knows in order to soar in the air she must first bend her knees in order to spring up. I think I'm bending a bit.

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