Thursday, January 21, 2010

New From New York - Food Coaching Now available World Wide once again

I'm up and running now in New York City so coaching is available once again. Let your friends know, and direct them to where they can call, or email me from the contact button, or sign up right away from the services page.

Let your weight issues fall away completely and for good! Find ways to sparkle and use new thinking to infuse your life with joy, fun and creativity once again, or at a deeper level!

If you have been suffering with ailments from constipation to cancer - acid reflux to rashes or anything bothering you that keeps you from 100% wellness - please solve it right now!!! There are always answers and we can find them.

I am finding that getting a home space and kitchen set up in New York is more difficult than I would have thought. It's a great city where everything is available right? Well sort of. If you can find it or have the time/energy and resources to take a cab everywhere on the island perhaps. Finding things close, where you can carry them home, is limited.

Thank goodness for the internet! I found a wonderful new source for some groceries at barry farm foods and I added them to my list of links at They are cheaper than the stores so that helps to offset the shipping charges. I'll be ordering some rye flakes and teff for breakfasts myself!!

I'd love to hear from you so if you have any questions or want to get started having more in your life right now - let me know!

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