Sunday, January 31, 2010

When Less Is More!

Moving to New York a couple of weeks ago I showed up with my whale of a suitcase filled to the brim, a backpack and my camera. (It's been too cold to shoot yet but I'm gearing up to shoot anyway....) I only purchased what I needed to make my little room happy and a few things to cook with. My idea was to just camp here for a few months before looking for what's next.

We get attached to things and having more. I used to have so many dishes or wooden spoons or loads of spices at my fingertips. While abundance is nice, I'm finding the beauty in sparsity. I currently have only one mug, one little plate, one bowl, a couple of spoon, chopstix, a good knife, tiny Ikea cutting board, and 3 pots to cook with. Mostly I'm only using two pots consistently. Everything gets used, washed and put away with each meal. It's efficient, neat and is working quite well.

I was thinking about this this morning as I have had several people emailing me that they struggle with "staying on" an eating well plan. In America I think that there are expectations of what is "right". By right I mean that if someone doesn't get their dessert each night, they feel deprived. Or maybe it's the coffee, chocolate or whatever they expect or feel entitled to each day. A plan sounds to me like a diet with a better title. A plan suggests it is something to do for a little while and then get back to the fun stuff. Eating well is just eating well, and ought to be the norm. While we may lust after luxuries or love to indulge, they lose their luster when they become commonplace in our lives. The indulgence becomes gluttony and the pleasure it was there to give becomes the pain of illness or overweight.

It is amazing to me how many people think having things to deal with like headaches, many colds, or nasal dripping, stomach aches, acid reflux, gas, all sorts of bodily disturbances are just part of life. They do not have to be. In fact they should be rare and not common at all. They are rare when we eat less of what Americans think is the way to go, and eat more traditional foods instead. Less bread and more whole grain. Less sweets and more sweet veggies and fruits. Less food out of bags or boxes and more home cooking. (also saves the planet...)

Less can be more in so many ways. You might find you like having less clutter and more space. Eating well can give you less stress and more energy. Less mind fog and more clarity. Less things to deal with like ailments, so more time for fun and expressing yourself. It's fantastic when you think of how in many ways having less gives you more life!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Willingness, your first key to Weight Loss Success!

Weight loss is big business. It's not easy to change well worn habits and patterns and slip into something you might like to have, but is uncomfortable. I've seen that when people get regular coaching with me, and start doing what I ask them to do, they see the results and the results last. No more wishing your body were different. No more keeping several sizes in the closet. No more feeling badly when you look in a mirror or little things like tying ones shoes, bending over or climbing the stairs.

Weight just becomes a non issue once you solve it for good! I know because I used to obsess and be upset so much of the time about my own weight. I used to try to look slimmer and buy clothes that hid the parts I didn't like. I felt badly so much of the time and I comforted myself with food. Ha! Food was more than nourishment or a good meal. Food could stand in for comfort or love or cover up things I just didn't want to feel.

When I learned about whole foods and how the individual foods work in the body, I found freedom. Now meals are more satisfying and filling. I get to eat more not less, to have a slender figure! Go figure...

So what does it take to make the switch from puffy and plump to slender and sexy? Willingness.
Even now as I have been getting things going this morning, I notice I feel hungry even though I had a wonderful breakfast. It is not true hunger but it sure feels like it. It's a hunger facade because I don't want to start doing my taxes and that is what is next on my agenda this am. (Okay so now I'm procrastinating a tad more writing this, I'll admit....) If I tell myself that I need to eat something because I feel this fake hunger than I could be eating all morning and never get anything done. People tell themselves all sorts of things. Naturally thin people though might tell themselves that lunch will come soon enough and get to work. Once you begin doing something, you usually forget about the hunger you were focused on. If it were true hunger, I might eat a snack of something like an apple or maybe some leftovers but by now I know the difference. Even if I didn't, I know I won't starve, and distracting myself for the time being doing something productive is going to make me feel better than eating something.

If you are serious about being healthier, shedding some weight and feeling your best. Look no further than your own thinking, learn how food works and start living your dreams right now!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New From New York - Food Coaching Now available World Wide once again

I'm up and running now in New York City so coaching is available once again. Let your friends know, and direct them to where they can call, or email me from the contact button, or sign up right away from the services page.

Let your weight issues fall away completely and for good! Find ways to sparkle and use new thinking to infuse your life with joy, fun and creativity once again, or at a deeper level!

If you have been suffering with ailments from constipation to cancer - acid reflux to rashes or anything bothering you that keeps you from 100% wellness - please solve it right now!!! There are always answers and we can find them.

I am finding that getting a home space and kitchen set up in New York is more difficult than I would have thought. It's a great city where everything is available right? Well sort of. If you can find it or have the time/energy and resources to take a cab everywhere on the island perhaps. Finding things close, where you can carry them home, is limited.

Thank goodness for the internet! I found a wonderful new source for some groceries at barry farm foods and I added them to my list of links at They are cheaper than the stores so that helps to offset the shipping charges. I'll be ordering some rye flakes and teff for breakfasts myself!!

I'd love to hear from you so if you have any questions or want to get started having more in your life right now - let me know!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NYC Dorm life

I've been living in my dorm room now for several days. Luckily my flat mates are not here yet so I've been able to navigate the extremely challenged kitchen without the added obstacle of others desires or objections. One or both of them seem to also cook their meals as the cupboards would indicate.

I have to wonder if it really is NYC coding that is dictating the incredibly poor choices made in this kitchen, or if the school makes every effort to get the students to utilize campus dining options because it would be so much easier? There is a stove that is useless. A built in microwave that apparently is also useless so there is a giant microwave/convection oven sitting on top of the useless stove and under the useless second microwave. This takes up approximately one half of the could be used counter space. There is so little counter space and the two women who are living here already have a large dish rack taking up half of the usable counter space. I have never been a fan of dish racks. Most of the time they feel or look moldy to me. It takes so little time to wipe a dish dry. You just need a good dish cloth. Don't get the ones at Ikea. They looked so promising but are not absorbent. Flour sack clothes are my favorites. I'll have to search some out. How can people have so much time for FB and Twitter and not be able to dry a dish? I suspect it is just a thought that has them turn left (dish rack) instead of right (just take the two seconds to dry the dish and put it away...) I dry the dishes while waiting for the water to boil for tea. I've been amazing myself at my efficiency actually in this tiny space.

I contemplate doing a cookbook of the super fast and simple dishes I've been eating since I only have that microwave/convection oven and an induction burner. I had never heard of an induction burner before. I don't even want to know what cooking over magnets is doing to my cells. It's all I have just now so eating is more important than dashing out and losing my non refundable enormous rent on my abode. In L.A. this would be a walk in closet that is now my room. I've livened it up with some bright color and light.

In some healing traditions there is the same theory one learns in ballet. You have to go down to go up. A dancer knows in order to soar in the air she must first bend her knees in order to spring up. I think I'm bending a bit.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I just got back to my friends place that I'm staying at in Hollywood. It's a sketchy part of Hollywood, but quite near a lot of local history. Yesterday I walked past Paramount and found an art deco building that the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz had built. Today I walked up to Los Feliz, an area I used to live in. It had not changed much at all.

There was still the Chinese restaurant my Mom had the only Chinese meal she has ever relished. There was the pet store I used to get things at for my beloved Pywacket. The old fashioned movie theater, skylight bookstore, and in even the hole in the wall Mako Japanese restaurant I ate at a lot because it was good and cheap.

I've lived here longer than any other place I've been and yet it has never felt like home. I liked living in Santa Monica the best. I always had places to walk for everything from nature to shopping. I had apartments with views, all the comforts of home, yet, it always felt I could pick up at any time. That I was waiting for the right moment to just that.

Finally I am picking up, and I'm in the in-between. It feels somewhat like the stories of when a limb is cut off and a person feels like it is still there. All of my belongings are now scattered around the city and it has not fully registered they are no longer my own. There is no place to go back to. I can only go forward.

I enjoy each day. Cook myself wonderful foods. Remind myself to soak in the warmth that soon will not be consistently the norm each day. I'm saying goodbye to a dream that never materialized. A Hollywoodland that was and was not my home. A movie career that did not happen but gave me a glimpse into this world.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creamy Comfort Stew gets better with Rice Bran oil!

Just because the Holidays are over doesn't mean the stress is. For me, it seems it has only just begun as I move across the country and figure out how to pay for everything, do my taxes, get everything sorted out and that is just the beginning. I made a creamy comfort stew to steady my nerves and nourish my being for lunch right now. I have to say how much I love rice bran oil. It makes a perfect roux too!!! That is along with superior frying and just plain great cooking for everything I've ever cooked, baked, braised or grilled. It's lightness doesn't add any flavor of it's own so I still prefer olive oil for salad dressings and certain dishes.