Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Camping

I've been so busy moving all month I have not posted anything in quite a while. It's been a big job, this back to school, sell everything I own, and move 3,000 miles back East. I'm enjoying most of it. Sometimes I have to remind myself to enjoy it. There isn't much in the way of help. Aside from the usual L.A. shy away from anything that is work, and doesn't offer a possible movie role/writer/director/etc. credit in the future, there are not that many people in town to assist. The exodus begins early here. Then there are pleasant surprises.

The very first person to respond to my webpage I created(susanisgoingbacktoschoolandneedstoselleverything.html) bought a desk and some tables, lamps, plants and dishes. She was from New York herself and she said she also wanted to buy my bed as she was furnishing a room to rent. I asked her if we could wait for her to pick up the bed when I moved over to my neighbors. That wasn't going to work for her, so I figured I would sleep on my couch until that sold. When the couch sold, I was prepared to make a sleeping bag out of an old comforter and use my yoga mat as the ground cover.

Interestingly though, the day she was to pick up the bed she and I both had a stomach flu and I was grateful she didn't want to come and get it yet. Then it was her birthday and she was busy. In the meantime I moved over to my neighbors apartment as my neighbor went out of town and needed me to look after her cat. It was perfect timing for the bed to leave when it did.

My bed buyer came to get the bed, which happens to be a futon on a wooden frame that can be a couch and two tables with a mattress on top. The futon is a bit heavy and awkward and we were like a comedy show as we pulled and dropped and dragged the futon to her waiting SUV. Luckily though a sweet neighbor happened to be out on his deck and said hello. I asked if he could help and he came over like the Calvary to save us. It was wonderful. He swiftly got it all set for her to take the bed away. I'm now camping in luxury in my neighbors apartment until her return. Then I will be on another friends floor for a few nights but its' all been perfectly wonderful.

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