Friday, October 30, 2009

I love chivalry. When a man opens the door for me or does any number of small niceties to make sure of my well being, a tingle of appreciation runs through me and a smile springs up from the center of myself. Manners seem to be disappearing. I go into a very nice restaurant where I put on a dress for dinner. I notice most people dining in baggy shorts and flip flops. I met a man recently at a film screening and we talked about many things. He felt the lack of style and manners was making women appear cheap. I agree, and men too. Street style might be cool but when did shooting down your neighbor or finding the most disgusting idea you can, and calling that fun, become the norm?

With all "The Secret" touting, yogi headed, spiritual seeking and self-help reading folks watching Oprah, where have the manners gone. Those little things that say, thank you? It's the little things you do each day that add up to your life. For years I have taught people that with food everything counts. You get to be committed to what you want with each bite. What are your habits. Habits of thoughts, habits of actions and habits of being? Being kind and honoring your word is more than sending a card for someones birthday. It is a day to day way of living.

Perhaps if we step up our game and be more for ourselves it can seep out into everything. Start now with yourself. What do you want for your life? How do you want to look and feel about yourself. What is your relationship with food?, your body?, your belongings?, your co-workers?
What would your ideal relationships look like? How could you uplevel every area of your life? It might as simple as treating each with a little more manner.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about seeing manners disappear, Susan. I taught my children proper manners in the 80's and they still use them. But, I don't see those same manners in their peers. My generation seems to have spent more time trying to buy the love of their children over instilling manners, self-discipline and grace. It's a choice that is now coming back to us as parents who don't see generosity in our youth. Is there a way to recoup the loss and begin engendering social graces again? I only hope so. Thanks for being the light that you are, Susan. Peace.