Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I got home from Bali to find out that 2 cousins and a friend died. Two of cancer and one of old age. Both cancer cases were under 40 years of age. Before I left a dear friend in NY had had 3 friends and relatives die in a span of 3 days. I wonder what the next Oscars, Grammy's, and other award shows are planning, as the entire program could be one long tribute to those entertainers that went with Micheal, Farrah and Patrick this year.

Billions of dollars go into cancer research and drug research and yet it seems people are more unwell than ever.

In Bali people were more connected to their families and Deities. They seemed more connected to each other and their land. I saw little if any sickness and a whole lot of smiling, well looking people and children. They were not over weight nor starving. They were living how people have lived for thousands of years.

I could eat in Bali without any problem. Most of the food seemed to be about the kinds of things I normally eat at home. Fruits, veggies, grains, a little meat, a little bread or crackers, some seasonings. I was surprised at never needing to say no this or no that. I just ordered, ate and enjoyed. I discovered new flavors and generally felt great.

Perhaps a sense of belonging and keeping busy and happy throughout the day is their secret to staying well. I do not know for sure. I do know that one friend who just died never got to do so many of the things she wanted to. She was frustrated and talented and felt she had failed at life in many ways. Her beauty didn't save her. Her goodness didn't save her. I wish for her that she had taken more trips and gone to more auditions.

I loved seeing the small amount of the world I just got to see. What do you want for your life now? Find ways to explore the possibilities and make the most of your days. Let me know what your doing. I'm interested.

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