Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Someone asked me yesterday if food has really changed all that much. What she was asking was, am I eating the same kinds of whole foods humans have eaten for thousands and thousands of years. Yes and no.

We live in a luxurious time. Don't let the headlines fool you. We can get any kind of grain or bean or vegetable, just about anywhere, even at odd times of the year. Our ancestors never had that. They were limited to what ever grew around them. One or two kinds of grain where what they had in their cave or hut. I've got 8 jars on my counter right now, each filled with a different variety. (rice,oats,amaranth,red quinoa,barley,jobs tears and rye flakes, just in case you were wondering...)
In ancient times when grain was money, I would be very very rich!

I'll be heading to my local farmers market tomorrow where I can choose from fresh strawberries, jujubes (September/October only), peaches, pears, apples, blueberries, raspberries and more. There are oranges and avocados and lemons just hanging off trees. We have mixed and mingled and brought in all sorts of seeds and plants to all corners of the world. It's not just a melting pot of races but also cuisines.

Learning the properties of different foods can make a real difference as diet does affect every cell, every thought, every sparkle that simmers through our incredible beings. Our lifestyles have changed with time, just as everything else. We no longer spend our days outside, gathering, hunting, making things for our community in the way people who ate simple diets did. If someone spends a lot of time flying for work, they will need foods that re-hydrate, and ground them. If they eat a lot of drying foods or ungrounded foods, they will feel lousy.

Most people do feel less than stellar. They don't even know to know that their normal is really far below what they could feel. Getting back to basics is a great way to elevate. Then fine tuning with knowing how individual foods contribute to the mix. Might as well enjoy the luxury we live in and use it to the fullest.