Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peaches are not as profitable as Poptarts

I just got done being interviewed about weight loss. It is always fun to see what comes out of my mouth when people ask me questions. One of the things I spoke about was the simplicity of how as a society we have deviated so far away from eating whole foods. "Peaches are not as profitable as poptarts." I said. I used to eat a lot of poptarts in the morning. Now with my whole grain, I have whole fruit. I can see how someone who wanted to capitalize on my simple and satisfying early morning meal, came up with a poptart. It's like having a slice of pie for breakfast and even more convenient.

Now as we strive to be more "green" I would imagine that many would see the waste in such food stuff. You've got the packaging that is wasteful and the less then beneficial does of sugary non food that wastes your energy, ages you faster and slows you down. Children are getting diabetes and other diseases at an alarming rate, not to mention obese.

I don't remember any obese kids when I was growing up. There was not a lot of soda drinking, snacking or super sized anything that has become normal today. Portions seem out of control here in America as well as the junk that gets passed for food. What is normal for you? Where would you like to upgrade or shave a little?

You can save money and have more energy eating more whole and take a peek at how much "fun food" you might have in your life. Where you marketed into believing it's really okay? Remember, Peaches are not as profitable as poptarts and good health doesn't pay for the drug companies but you are worth more than allowing less than supreme living into your life.... I reminded the interviewer that weight loss can be easy when you learn how food works.

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