Saturday, August 15, 2009

Non Dairy Queen Bliss

I went to Whole Foods this afternoon to pick up a couple of things for dinner. I decided I would like some ice-cream sort of thing to go with a meringue cookie. (See this month's newsletter from for the recipe.) At first I grabbed a bottle of amasake and thought I might make my own. Then I took a peek at all the new vegan, non-dairy, agave sweetened ice creams out there. While I have loved Tomberlies, I don't love the price tag. I picked up one that was far cheaper and it looked great. Great that is until I read natural flavors towards the end of the ingredient list. Natural flavors is a great way for food manufacturers to hide glutamates. I'm particularly sensitive and I never feel well if products contain them.

In case you don't know what a glutamate is, it is an excitotoxin to the brain when it is used as a food additive. Basically exciting cells to their death and can create little holes in the brain. I find that I feel oddly awful from them, and it makes the food eaten not so much fun after all.

Then I picked up one called Coconut Bliss. While I'm not a coconut fan, I do like coconut water from immature coconuts so I took home a vanilla and gave it a try. I loved it. So smooth and creamy and light. It reminded me of a dairy queen only cleaner. The ingredients are simple and organic. I'll have to try other flavors of it now. Plus it went great with the meringue cookie and fruit. I'm sure it will be excellent with chocolate sauce.

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Vince da blisser said...

Hey Susan:

Thanks for the shout out! We appreciate it. Keep making the healthier choices, and enjoy the rest of the summer. :)

from the Coconut Bliss Mothership, Eugene, OR