Friday, August 28, 2009

Home made frozen yogurt is surpisingly simple...

I used to love frozen yogurt. It's been incredibly hot here in L.A. the last couple of days, and I've seen frozen yogurt shops pop up like popcorn over the last few months. Now I see people eating out of cups with Pink Berry or Froplay or any other number of yogurt names on them. Since both cane sugar and chemicals mess with everyone, and cause me to feel just lousy, I don't ever partake anymore of what's in those stores (oh and of course dairy messes with most of us too).

Several years ago I had bought a frozen yogurt/ice cream maker. It's one of those pretty simple ones where you freeze the canister overnight, pour in your ingredients and let the little mixing arm stir it up into a perfectly frozen treat. I had been dating a man at that time I so wanted to get closer to. He loved frozen treats, and I thought it would be a fun thing we could create together. Various frozen confections, toppings, etc. He and that thought, never came to any fruition. I somehow let the dust collect on my machine.

Today I dusted it off, pulled the canister from the freezer and decided to experiment a little. I simple added plain soy yogurt (Wildwood), agave and fresh strawberries sliced and mashed a little. I let the machine run for about ten minutes and sure enough - strawberry frozen yogurt was what I got! It was quite nice. I still might like it with a little vanilla and perhaps something with oil in it. Must be why so many ice creams are made with cashews?

If you had a whole lot of yogurt and different mixes to mix in it could be a fun thing to have at a party! Especially when it is so hot like this. Watch out, next we'll be seeing the frozen yogurt machine at all the catered events. I was just at a premiere where they had an incredibly fun photo booth machine where they could also project the photos up on a screen all night as well as give you a copy. Why not personalized frozen treats?

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