Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here is an M cafe inspired salad at home. I met three friends there last night in Culver City. The four of us sat at one of the little tables near the window with our array of different orders. I love going to M because there is a freedom in that they only use good ingredients. I do not need to ask for anything special and I can just relax and enjoy. I wanted to go there originally to have a celebratory strawberry cupcake. I had been there with my neighbor two months prior for one the day before I started a two month cleansing experiment. This was the end of that and so we were bookending and acknowledging what I had just accomplished.

I did not know it would not just be the two of us and the four seemed better than I could have imagined. There was a lovely synergy at the table. The food was an excuse to share stories, laugh, learn a little, laugh, create community, laugh. By the time I went for the cupcake it really was literally unnecessary icing. I did enjoy it, but I enjoyed the company so much I needed nothing else to make the evening sweet.

I watched as community was sewn into a beautiful garment that we all share now. It is something that I feel many people need far more to stay healthy. The village used to lift people up and support the health of each individual, because that supported the health of the tribe as a whole. Each contributing her/his part. There is a lack of real community here. It's a transient town and hugely competitive. Superficialness rules and keeps the Botox flowing. The struggle for many with food is an intrinsic need to fill up that void and try to satisfy the depths of ones self that can never really be filled by substance. No amount of shopping or eating or even sex can fill up the desire for real community.

My neighbor is terrific at creating, seeking and finding it and I hope to carry her lessons where ever I go.

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