Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Has anyone ever given you a gift certificate? Probably. I got one from a friend for my birthday to a restaurant I'd never been to. It's an organic restaurant called Kreation cafe on Montana avenue in Santa Monica. It looked okay, but didn't entice me all that much when I had first looked at the menu. The certificate had to be used at dinner and you needed to spend about $10 more than it's value in order to use it. In other words, I needed someone to eat dinner with who would want to go to this restaurant.

Six months later my friend Andy is sitting on my couch and says he wants to take me to an early dinner, where could we go. I was just going through some papers and there was the certificate. "You want to try this place?" I asked. He is always up for something new, so off we went.

I was happy from the moment we stepped into this little organic oasis of wood and greenery. You get to eat in the back in what feels very greenhouse like with succulents beautifully adorning the walls. We split an appetizer of eggplant dip. The plate decorated with a fennel and celery salad and three lovely blanched almonds, served on a white square plate. The entree was presented on a long rectangular plate and was perfect for splitting. Four large chunks of tender organic meat cooked to perfection, surrounded with a fantastic array of vegetables from sweet grilled corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, another salad, it was lovely. At this point I would have been quite happy. The desserts were then the crowning jewel to the meal. Andy was in bliss with a chocolate fudge cake and I was perfectly pleased with three lovely squares of pistachio baklava adorned with berries. and of course tea for me. I like having tea at the end of a meal. It makes it feel wrapped up and complete.

Somehow it feels like I'm still living the Julie & Julia material with all of these gourmet treats. It is wonderful there are getting to be more restaurants that have wonderful options, all organic and this restaurant features many vegan plates as well. I loved the atmosphere, the presentation, it all makes such a difference. When you eat at home make it just as much fun with making your food look beautiful and have the dishes be fun for you too. I like to tell clients to make one new dish each week. Then you build your repertoire of things you know how to do.

Long blog today but I hope you are inspired...sometimes all it takes is one good meal....
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