Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Farm Fresh vs. Store - Why Pay More?

I found myself at the farmers market today wandering more than purchasing. I did get some lovely fruit and flowers but not much else. Simply why pay more for vegetables than I would at the store? A bunch of carrots at the farmers market was $1.50 or $2 when they are only $1.29 at my co-op. All organic of course. The onions are currently 99 cents at the store and farm stand fresh they are $1.50 so I end up not buying the produce because why would I pay more? The flowers on the other hand were only a fraction of the cost and the fruit at the farmers market is not only fresher and often sweeter, the organic strawberries were only $2 a basket.

I do love the camaraderie at the Wednesday market. Each week it is like meeting up with old friends as we exchange stores. The avocado grower knows my whole love life and Richard who sells the sugar snap peas reminds me of my Dad. He always has something cute to say. Perhaps that is why many people don't mind the few cents more to have those interactions. Perhaps those interactions make the food taste even better all week long? You can also purchase it all in one place and be done with it. Eggs, milk, even organic meat and juice and bread are there right along side the vast array of California produce. It's beautiful and fun....still though, why pay more....

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