Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cooking Cucumbers

Cucumbers have never been a particular favorite of mine. Well, except when at a facial and someone is delicately placing slices over my eyes. Those cucumbers are especially nice. Experiences like that have been few and far between in my life. The common cucumber that turns up in salads or languishes on my plate even when someone has taken the time to marinate them and sprinkle elegantly with parsley, have left me with a so so opinion.

When reading in Julie & Julia about the fact she wasn't a big cucumber fan either, I could relate. Then the enormous delight in the ones she cooked in butter (Yeah, everything she was eating was pretty much cooked in butter...)got me intrigued. So I pulled out the remains of the one I bought and had used in some sushi rolls last night. I figured rice bran oil might be a tad too plain so I sauteed them in sesame oil and sprinkled in a little ume vinegar. Yes! I am now a fan of the sauteed cucs myself!

Thanks to both Julie and Julia!

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