Monday, July 20, 2009

Savvy Travel - Part II

Phrew am I glad for some refreshing Barley Tea right about now - That's the fun food fact of the day: Barley Tea can cool you down. Roasted grains for tea seem to be an Asian thing that we westerners can start adopting. I buy the stuff already roasted ( and ready to steep, making as big a batch as my pan will allow. Cool and put in the fridge for handy sipping as long as it lasts. If you make it the night before, it is perfectly cool for the next day.

However we can't take liquids from home on planes anymore, so make sure you bring appropriate foods with you for your flights. In flight is a great time to be vegan for the day. Taking animal foods on trips can be asking for spoilage trouble but vegan type foods can last and last and most do very well without any refrigeration. I love taking quickly made sushi rolls. (stay tuned to the videos at for the simple how to...) I fill 'em with different veggie fillings. usually raw stuff in the hotter weather like a little ume paste, carrot, cucumber and maybe some tofu filling or even my pumpkin seed pesto. When I don't have time to cook or I'm coming on home, I like to pick up a sandwhich or wrap to take with me. I've also found noodles to be getting prevelent in airports. Both Italian or Asian noodle dishes pack up well or give me fuel right there in the airport. Thank goodness for all of the gladware type to go containers, for taking just about any solid food dish you might want to toss in your carry-on. I suggest packing an extra plastic bag or two in your luggage so when you do purchase food to carry on, slip it in an extra wrap just to be sure of no spillage.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Groovy Cooling Cucumber

Fun Food Fact of the Day:

Groovy cooling cucumber can restore your health. As long as you don't have a damp condition like candida, cucumber can cleanse and purify the blood and clean up your intestines. Quenches thirst while being a diuretic, cucumber is a terrific summer vegetable and good to have on hand in case of sunburn! (yes, you can rub it right on the skin too.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Air Travel Part 1

Flying Free across the country, across oceans, we can all fly anywhere on the planet. What does it mean to be free? Hopefully that you will still feel good in flight and once you've landed. I like to take some homeopathic "No Jet Lag" tablets. Bach flower rescue remedy can help too. Being on airplanes is like being in a pressure cooker with very bad air. You lose liquid and get constricted. The worst things to eat then would be those that dry you out more and create contraction. And that seems to be just what the airlines like to give you. Pretzels, cookies and other dry hard baked things with poor quality salt or immune paralyzing sugar involved. I just told my friend flying from London to L.A. today to go and get herself some green apples to take on the plane. Refreshing, re-hydrating, and very low in sugar, they will help her be more at ease. Smarty that she is, she picked up some yummy cashews too, so she'll have some fat and protein to keep her going for the long haul. Being high in magnesium the cashews can help her relax her muscles and get some much needed sleep!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can food cure everything? Certainly not. You do have far more power though if you know what the players on your plate are doing for you.

Fun Food Fact of the day: Eggplant stops bleeding.
No, don't go dabbing it on wounds. It stops internal bleeding so it can be useful for those women who practically hemorrhage each month and slow things down to a normal flow. This cooling veggie can be helpful for bleeding ulcers or hemorrhoids but beware it is a nightshade. If there is any kind of arthritic or inflammatory condition, I'd say steer clear.