Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Would You Like to Be More Free?

I watch as a client stops coming right before her breakthrough to having success with her weight. I can only hope that enough of what I taught her will sink in and she will utilize it later. She has done this before though. The pattern is to make it about money. It isn't about money, it's about the fear of change more than money. Money is the obstacle she uses to stay the same. Stay safely in the opinions that she knows. It does seem so real though. Circumstances even show up to make it look real. The illusion becomes reality because she makes it so....

Where might you have a similar pattern? Do you find yourself having the same relationship problems over and over? What about work? What about your own health or body? Are you willing to finally be free and live the way you dream about? It is possible but it takes courage! It takes courage to spend money when things look like they are shrinking all around you. It takes courage to step out and risk having.

What I see so often is that the risks usually pay off. Things might not look like what we think they should look like. Risks do not usually feel comfortable or safe or even sane sometimes. Risking in the direction though of what you really want in your heart. That pays off. If you find yourself making excuses for why you can not currently be or do or have something. Just stop. Do it or be it or have it now to the best of your ability. Or look to why you cover with not enough money or resources or what ever you use as the obstacle. Clear the real reason and then see if the resources show up.... Sometimes it's instant and other times it isn't but usually when a client is ready to leap and they find a way to allow themselves. I get to see their magic and miracles show up far better than they would have ever imagined.

Keep playing with you life and be more free!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Cookbook?

Recently I had a student who asked, "Isn't there just one cookbook that would pretty much suffice?" He was asking for the one cookbook he could have on his shelf that would tell him how to cook anything and he would never need to look at another. One? When I showed him my cookbook shelf he was slightly taken aback.

I can never have enough cookbooks even if one like The Joy of Cooking might give me a nice array of technique. It certainly did 30 years ago anyway. I love to be inspired by the ever growing array of current cuisine. Today the entire world is becoming a melting pot of ethnicity and traditions. Cooking has always been an expression of the culture. So as culture changes so do recipes. In this case it certainly is a good motto to "make new friends but keep the old." Old and new recipes alike can be intertwined and enjoyed.

Pick one item like a turnip and each cookbook will portray it differently. Bread varies so much from country to country, and the authors personal experience with making it, there are numerous books to have just on bread alone. The beautiful pictures might inspire you to buy something new, or serve your food in a new way too.

I love learning something about the cultural history of the people that created the food. Eat the many tantalizing tastes that make up a Japanese meal or enjoy a hearty Irish stew and you will notice how climate effects the meals created. What the people might have experienced or had growing nearby.

Just one cookbook? I hope to always have a growing collection. We eat everyday of our lives.