Monday, April 13, 2009

Have the magic of whole foods - break the resistance!

Sometimes we all would like a personal shopper. Someone who knows the latest and greatest of what is currently offered. Someone who really gets who we are and what would look best on us and fit into our personal lives. Choosing the perfect lamp or chair, just as much as, the best haircut for our face, and of course the picks of the runways with a price that fits our pocketbook. I feel I am that sometimes for my clients in the area of food. I go into the field of possibilities and bring to light the options that fit their bodies, their goals, needs, time-frames for cooking or gathering, budgets and of course tastes!

It’s got to taste great or why bother. It’s got to work or why put forth the effort. Whole foods work. They clear out the cancer cells, cut the colds and successfully flatten tummies and slenderize thighs. Why oh why wouldn’t you try them on for size?

Resistance and habit run rampant, that is why it is only just getting hip to be eating millet for breakfast or lentil croquettes instead of a steak. Human beings resist change. Even when that change is clearly in their best interest, it can be difficult to jump on board. I understand. I like the old familiar foods I grew up with too. I also am logical. When I learned how all of my ailments, mood swings, weight fluctuations, etc were being dramatically affected by my diet. I found it easier to embrace the new way. Enjoy it too.

Currently more than 64% of adult Americans are obese. (That’s just the adults with the kids following rapidly.) As of 2007, 23 million Americans had diabetes and the odds of getting some form of cancer in your lifetime are up to one in 2. Meaning at least half of us will get cancer. These are not good odds. Whole foods keep you whole much better than any pill or potion. They can prevent, treat and even reverse disease.

Be bold and go beyond just broccoli. Check out the endless variety you can get from a garden, be it your own or your local store. Start to know how different whole foods taste alone and in combination. What each does for you or not… Just because a food grows doesn’t mean it is necessarily the best for you. For example tomatoes may be high in lycopene that have gotten some good press for being beneficial for the human heart. That is lovely, and I love a good tomato slice in a sandwich. Tomatoes are in the nightshade family though, and can aggravate many conditions and even cause more inflammation. Definitely not something to be eating loads of if you live in a moderate climate and would like to have optimal energy and stay looking young. For some people, and hotter climates, more can be tolerated or even adored. Just not for me, here, now.

Turnips often get overlooked for potatoes. Turnips are cooling and detoxifying and go nicely many places a potato would go. Roasted, in stews, soups, made into quick pickles or fried up as in hash browns, you might take a turn with the little white roots rather than another high in alkaloid nightshade vegetable. (The potato) Alkaloids inhibit our B vitamin absorption and we need those especially for stressed out, cell phone driven folks…

Then there is the whole area of sweets. Wow do I love sweets. Sugar though is powerful stuff. Three feet of cane equals only 1 teaspoon of sugar. Who uses just one teaspoon though? Most desserts are loaded down with sugar that paralyzes the immune system for up to six hours. No wonder many people are so tired. Stressed out and grabbing for a stimulant like sugar to pick themselves up, they then take a hit to their immunity and get slammed with insulin to avoid going into a coma from consuming massive feet of sugar cane consumed in just a few minutes. The blood sugar goes too low and crankiness creeps in. That was my life before. Only that was “normal”! Whole fruit doesn’t do this nasty cycle or the consequent weight gain. The occasional agave sweetened treat doesn’t hurt nearly as much. Now sweets really are pleasure because there isn’t a subsequent pain that lasts for days afterwards.

Getting coaching was key in the beginning for the support. I have been happily eating a grain and veggie based diet now for years. It just gets better and better. My health reaches new heights, my mind is happier and clear and weight is a non-issue. I have stayed one skinny size without any effort for years and years. (I really love this part….) The more results you see, the more you want to keep going. That’s how you do it. You break your own resistance by catching yourself and going in the direction you want to be in. You keep practicing, trying things and making it work for yourself and you don’t give up. Giving up and grabbing fast food or having bar or bag of something instead of a meal isn’t satisfying or living well. If you do fall, just get right back on the whole food wagon and keep going. Recognize your resistance and retrain yourself to the new way. It might not be comfortable at many points along the road. It is just worth it. It gets easier. If you want the personal shopper touch, find a way to get that. As many have said for centuries, there is magic in the pursuit, you just have to begin.

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