Saturday, April 25, 2009

Healthy Thin

I was just looking at Lauren Greenfield's website. She is one of my new heroes as I embark on learning photography. I watched the "Thin" trailer and it made me want to learn shooting film even more, and make breathtaking but uplifting photos/films and such.

I remember being consumed with needing to be thin. I love helping those clients that come in and do not even know they are already thin enough. Beautiful enough. They long to be one of Hollywood's elite or maybe just adored by their family and friends. They do not feel good enough.

I can't wait to see the films Greenfield has shot because they tie very well together. The never enough stuff. The social breakdown for kids and adults where the feeling of lack is looming so large they fill up with stuff or starve...maybe in some cases both.

I was biking on the bike path following an anorexic girl on her bike. She had a little dog in basket on the front of her two Wheeler. She wore fashionable shorts and shirt with high wedge heels and over sized sunglasses. With her bleached blond ponytail, she resembled Paris Hilton. Only her limbs were beyond thin. I know she did not see this. She had one of those perfect Hollywood tans as well. I wondered if she is a want to be model or actress or socialite or is one? Might someone tell her, her idea of thin has gone awry?

The quest for thinness can go awry in several facets. I've seen girls obsessed and feel that thier lives depend on being just a little thinner no matter what they look like. They don't know what they look like. They see fat when many would give a fortune to look like these girls. Many women do spend a fortune, because they only look at the food or the exercise. Never addressing that psychologically they may have very good reasons for keeping some extra weight on. They do not feel safe for one reason or another being thin. Sometimes it can be some small thing said or done that they do not even recall but it sticks until they actually uncover the feeling of it.

Feelings are one reason people are eating too much. Run, duck and cover those feelings at all cost only feel even more feelings from the over eating or the foods consumed. Unraveling the ball of feelings can feel like combing tangles from knoted hair. It does get smoothed out though and perspectives can shift quite rapidly. Willingness is the key.

Where are you willing to own your feelings and not run away? Is there someone you know that you can be there for and listen to theirs? Be a safe place for them to come to? Or are you weighting? Begin begin begin and recover your esteemable self - being the size you choose and like being. Without the anxiety!

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