Friday, March 13, 2009

What would you like from your diet? Many people are on a Ferris wheel that they don't ever get off of because to do so would mean they have to ....yes, you guessed it - change! They would have to get on some other ride instead.

Personally I would have been the same as most but the pain from eating things that are not very supportive became too great and so I now get the benefit of that gift. If you really want to lose weight, have more energy, clear your ailments, etc. You must start taking a look at what you eat realistically and stop saying oh I'll get off this Ferris Wheel tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Today is the only moment you have. What might happen if you said, yes, I'll do that now? What might happen if you took each meal and said, yes, I'll eat a tad less right now. Oh, I'll pass on that dessert. I am only having desserts on Sunday. Oh, I'll pass on that acidic coffee and have some herbal tea instead today....

What might happen is, with each choice you make that supports you, you build confidence, self-esteem and more personal power than ever before. You gain a level of health that most people walking around you today might never allow themselves to experience. I would like that not to be true. That is one reason I share, teach and keep exploring all the time. If I have been able to turn my health and life around starting with a few simple choices, than I know others can too. So many are stubborn fighting for what they feel safe with. Seaweed, as Elizabeth Gilbert pointed out in her TED talk, can scare people who are not familiar with all of it's incredible gifts. Whole grains seem somehow foreign to the American mind while flour products somehow get touted to have the benefits of the grain they once came from. Mostly they don't. Don't be fooling yourself into thinking your eating healthy because your fat free sickly sweet health bar has a little whole grain added.

The bottom line is what the food is doing for you. Is it giving you what your cells need to create outrageous energy? Do you have a sparkle in your eye and your moods are mostly upbeat? Do you stay completely well most all of the time? Do you have clear, smooth, soft skin that glows? A nice flat tummy? Do you feel fantastic about your body? Take a look at what you feed yourself. Does it come from the earth or out of some package?

Have you perhaps put convenience above actual quality of life? It is not so convenient if what you consume is draining you, making you fat and costing you in pills, potions or running around to fix what need not be broken.

Cooking can take less time than going to get food and be far less expensive. I'm working on a new cookbook with pretty pictures right now of meals that take about 15 minutes or less - done healthy.

Changing your diet is about creating new habits and patterns. It is about adopting a sense of adventure to try new things and boldly go where - well the ancients where going all the time but now you have more options than they did. Get out of the comfort zone you are currently in. Have a mix it up night or two. Challenge yourself to pass on things you know are not doing you any good and at least opt for a more fun Ferris wheel if you don't choose to get off that ride all together!

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