Monday, March 30, 2009

Anti-Aging is Anti-Inflammatory

What is the real deal behind anti-aging? One key ingredient for sure is keeping calm inside and out. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are powerful in helping us stay well, slender and youthful. Things that cause inflammation will exacerbate joint pains, back aches, head aches, allergies, arthritis, forgetfulness, any just about any bigger ailment you can think of.

Acidity in the diet is one way we cause more inflammation. Eating an anti-inflammatory herb such as turmeric or popping something like benadryl is not much against a diet that is rich is caffeine, sugar, vinegar, refined foods, etc. All of those acid producing edibles that will create a body fighting to survive and you won't have the energy you need to thrive. Thus - you are probably aging faster than you need to and looking into ways to keep the wrinkles at bay and your body slim.

Think about the word inflammation. In flames. Sounds like an emergency situation. Then for many people after years of eating in a way that creates a constant emergency in their bodies, they start cutting parts out that no longer work or shooting up with Botox. What if you decide to just start eating well instead. Start creating peace. I've seen people give up sugar and start doing yoga and meditation go from looking 60 to 30 in less than a year. Why do you think that can work? Most likely because they are less inflamed inside and out. They learn to flow their energy positively and eat foods that do that too.

It's not really magic even though it can look that way. Where ever you are, no matter how "good" you think you are doing. See where you might be a tad less inflamed in your own life today. Could you find ways to be kinder to your body and have more ease in your mind?

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Monday, March 16, 2009

It was terribly disappointing for me to see an article in a recent magazine - one that is devoted to food no less - do a whole grain article that was almost devoid of whole grain. I'd love to give them the skinny on what the difference is. They are saying their pizza crust or pasta dish are just as good as the brown rice, millet or quinoa. Sorry foodies - that's false. Once those delicious wheat berries (or brown rice, etc.) are crushed up into flour they lose most of their nutrients quite quickly and then the oxidizing flour also becomes rancid fairly rapidly as well. Whole grains are full of water and nutrients that bodies can absorb. Flour products, especially hard dry ones, can rob you of invaluable fluids, while the body tries to utilize what you have just eaten.

Do you get tired after you eat? Probably compromised digestion. Your body is working diligently on that food so it doesn't have as much energy for you. Whole grains can build you up and give you more energy instead of draining it. Not to mention all the incredible nutrition in whole grains where the germ and bran are still intact. Protein, b-vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc. are all inside of these tiny seeds. Quinoa and amaranth are so nutritious that they have been dubbed super foods and are especially good for athletes and pregnancy.

If you grew up opening boxes of cereal or bags of bread, you might be wondering what do people do with all of the various whole grain options? While some grain products are still a fun part of many a meal and you can buy or make some good quality bread products, pastries, cereals and pasta. Those are only a fraction of what makes up a healthy daily diet. They are more like condiments and the main stage is the whole grain, vegetable and protein based meal. Millet can be fun used like polenta or cooled in a pan and then cut into wedges or squares it's fun to top with all sorts of things from pate to taco salad. Salads are one great way to toss in some whole grains. They work both warm and cold. Many a country has some sort of stew type of dish over brown rice or barley or what ever they grow in their region. Adding a little herb or spice to just cooked rice gives it a gourmet flare in less than a minute. Mint and peas and parsley, garlic and lemon, cinnamon and carrot just to name a few. Play and experiment to see what you like. Roll up some brown rice sushi rolls or make a Thai curry. You'll start seeing your energy soar and your waistline be slender....

Remember you only get those whole grain goodies from real whole grain!!!
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Friday, March 13, 2009

What would you like from your diet? Many people are on a Ferris wheel that they don't ever get off of because to do so would mean they have to ....yes, you guessed it - change! They would have to get on some other ride instead.

Personally I would have been the same as most but the pain from eating things that are not very supportive became too great and so I now get the benefit of that gift. If you really want to lose weight, have more energy, clear your ailments, etc. You must start taking a look at what you eat realistically and stop saying oh I'll get off this Ferris Wheel tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Today is the only moment you have. What might happen if you said, yes, I'll do that now? What might happen if you took each meal and said, yes, I'll eat a tad less right now. Oh, I'll pass on that dessert. I am only having desserts on Sunday. Oh, I'll pass on that acidic coffee and have some herbal tea instead today....

What might happen is, with each choice you make that supports you, you build confidence, self-esteem and more personal power than ever before. You gain a level of health that most people walking around you today might never allow themselves to experience. I would like that not to be true. That is one reason I share, teach and keep exploring all the time. If I have been able to turn my health and life around starting with a few simple choices, than I know others can too. So many are stubborn fighting for what they feel safe with. Seaweed, as Elizabeth Gilbert pointed out in her TED talk, can scare people who are not familiar with all of it's incredible gifts. Whole grains seem somehow foreign to the American mind while flour products somehow get touted to have the benefits of the grain they once came from. Mostly they don't. Don't be fooling yourself into thinking your eating healthy because your fat free sickly sweet health bar has a little whole grain added.

The bottom line is what the food is doing for you. Is it giving you what your cells need to create outrageous energy? Do you have a sparkle in your eye and your moods are mostly upbeat? Do you stay completely well most all of the time? Do you have clear, smooth, soft skin that glows? A nice flat tummy? Do you feel fantastic about your body? Take a look at what you feed yourself. Does it come from the earth or out of some package?

Have you perhaps put convenience above actual quality of life? It is not so convenient if what you consume is draining you, making you fat and costing you in pills, potions or running around to fix what need not be broken.

Cooking can take less time than going to get food and be far less expensive. I'm working on a new cookbook with pretty pictures right now of meals that take about 15 minutes or less - done healthy.

Changing your diet is about creating new habits and patterns. It is about adopting a sense of adventure to try new things and boldly go where - well the ancients where going all the time but now you have more options than they did. Get out of the comfort zone you are currently in. Have a mix it up night or two. Challenge yourself to pass on things you know are not doing you any good and at least opt for a more fun Ferris wheel if you don't choose to get off that ride all together!

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