Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's February already. A special month of hearts and flowers, presidents day and my birthday. Plus it's a short month. I just posted the new newsletter at where I started to give a few interesting bits using the five elements. One element each month for the next five months.

Spring is associated with wood. Wheat is in the wood category and wood nourishes fire so perhaps that could mean the shortbread heart cookies I made can induce a little zip into a valentines day?

That may be stretching things a tad... Energy though is fascinating stuff! The energy of food, the energy you flow and how you flow it. We all have habitual energy patterns that we carry but they need not get stuck. Chinese medicine is excellent at creating more flow in the energy. Seeing a wonderful friend you have not seen in a while - Whrew, I can attest to that also creating some terrific flow in energy.

I had that experience this past weekend when a dear friend showed up out of the blue. He happens to have been a doctor of Chinese medicine in his past and now does Spiritual healing work that is simple and can be incredible. It reminded me to get going on what I want to do with different areas of my life in a bigger way. Have you gotten complacent about the pace you are going at to achieve your goals?

Did you make New Years Resolutions that have practically dissolved about now or do you keep putting them off into your future. This common occurrence is why so many people live with less than what they really want. They might continually wish to be thinner or more fit. They might continue to wish to be living in a different part of town or city or country. They might dislike their job but only think about writing that novel or going out on acting auditions. Where in your life are you letting the energy stay somewhat stuck? Are you willing to have a more magnificent life right now? How do you want to do it?

I may not be ready to leap as quickly as my friend was pushing me to do but it did entice me to start doing more actions towards my goals to get where I want to go. Get some coaching because it is an invaluable investment for your entire life and well being. Play, create and start living the dreams you can barely allow yourself to dream. You do deserve that right now! Hearts and Flowers abound....