Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Perils of Indulgence

I love desserts. I always have. I just don't love the consequences all that much. Last night, after a simply delicious slice of lemon meringue pie, I felt happy and contented. It did not have cane sugar in it and was just the right size. Not too much leaving me overstuffed and not too little as to wish for something more. No, it was a lovely dessert both sweet and tart, soft, melt in the mouth filling with a crisp crust. I have not been eating any meat though lately. I've had only a small amount of fish. Therefore I have less of a buffer against the sweet stuff.

Aside from sugars paralyzing the immune system the incoming swoop of of sweet sticky stuff into the blood, is just more than my body likes. I wake up the next day a tad tired. Okay, so not so much as to ruin the day or anything, but everything is a little cloudy and slower than normal. I have loads of terrific things to do, I don't want to just pith away a beautiful Sunday sleeping late and mulling around on my couch for hours just because I had a fun slice of pie.

I know what your thinking. Make some kudzu tea Susan and be done with it and move on. Get the alkalizers to work for you and you'll be fine. True enough. It just takes a while for my cloudy thinking to even think about that. It takes spilling tea all over my floor to realize how foggy my thinking really is. It's blazing hot outside today and the thought of salty warm liquids is unappealing until I decide how much I do want to come back to full control of my senses here.

I grab an umeboshi plum from my fridge and quickly feel the effects bringing me back out of the fog. It's time to run. I'll leave the sweets alone for now. Perhaps next weekend if I do indulge again, I'll remember to fix myself a little sooner.

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