Thursday, January 8, 2009

Play a Free To Eat Game - More Freedom, Less Weight

I named this blog "Free To Eat" because so many people seem to be in food prison of some kind. With the stats raising daily of the number of obese people in the western world, clearly our land of freedom here in the U.S. is not living up to the constitution. Well, okay, we have the freedom to destroy ourselves and our fellow man as well I guess for a profit or entertainment.

When you are really free, you can see from a different vantage point though. Not that I am all that lofty myself, but I get to keep steadily finding more freedom in every area of my life and the food freedom has been increasing the more I take control of my thinking and indulge in delicious foods that grow from the ground and not from a factory.

I'm still amazed that people believe that if it is made from whole grain that is the same as the grain when they eat it. My audience laughs as I ask if you can grow a bread tree. I ask them what happens when you plant a loaf? Will anything sprout? Probably not. The same goes for crackers, cereals, etc. They are all fun. They are not going to give you as much freedom in your body and mind as the whole grains they came from.

Being free of worry about extra weight, disease, fitting in clothes, fitting in, looking good, taking pictures, who gets paid more because they look better, etc. etc. etc. Being free of all this kind of thinking is a giant relief. Can whole foods give you that? They sure seem to. But not whole foods alone without changing the internal dialogue as well.

Free to eat is taking responsibility for the consequences of all of our actions and thinking. Certainly you can justify the donut, the chocolate or the latte. But they will have a consequence that you then get to live with. Bargaining with yourself by playing the calorie, or fat gram, or any other games of - if I do this I get that - will keep you in prison. It's way too much work besides.

What if you play the healthy Free to Eat game? What if you had freedom around food and your body? What if you learn to embrace what you know will ultimately bring you pleasure instead of succumbing to constant indulgences day after day with the blame, shame and pain of the results? Are you interested? I am.

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