Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Drop the Excuses

Did you resolve to do something that you have been meaning to do? I love the new year. It is just another day, yet we turn a page and begin again. There is a mass consciousness to getting more done and drop the excuses.

Peeking at the excuses, can you really drop yours? Are your excuses tied up with who you believe you are? Do you resist your life and just have things basically the same year after year - problems, good stuff and all? Most seem to.

Where in your life might you just let go and do something that you want to do and see your way out of the obstacles in the way? My friend recently told me she was thinking of coming to visit me, but it's been cold here and she doesn't have any warm clothes. Now, the obvious thing to do could simply be, buy a sweater or two, and go, if that is what you want to do. No, that would be too simple and obliterate the thing that keeps her life and her routine - the same and safe!

We all have some habits. Do you like yours? Which ones might you be willing to let go of? Where is your biggest resistance to your life? For many, the beginning of the new year is a time when they are geared up to let go of some excess weight. The joke is that the resolve never lasts. It can not last until you are ready to actually have new habits. They won't feel good all the time. There might be moments of uncomfortableness like hunger when you eat less. You just are not used to the feeling so you might label it bad and want to run and get something to eat. Do anything else. Jump up and down, go for a walk, call a friend. Do something that distracts your thinking from taking you down that road to your old life. The one you just said you were dropping for the new and improved version. You can't have what you want if your standing rooted in your past behaviors.

What is your excuse? Money? Time? Kids? Parents? Your Job? We all have some fall back thoughts that sound so logical we can justify not going for our dreams fully so we don't look so foolish if we fail to make them a reality. We justify to ourselves as well. Look to see what you say you want but are not living. Take the scary step of not listening to your thinking. okay, a little disclaimer here, if it is dangerous or illegal or something that is your dream, forget it altogether, I'm talking about average stuff like losing weight, going on a vacation, buying a new camera or iphone. Stuff you say to yourself - I would like this but I can't.... Drop the excuses and let this be the year you really do start living happier, healthier and more alive!!!

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