Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quick and Easy Weight is Normal

Recently I had a friend of mine get more interested in what I teach. Her husband was out of town for a month. (It is common in Hollywood to be working on a film out of town for many was the case here.) She had added in some whole grain for breakfast and found some quick and easy weight loss. Her husband spoke with her on the phone many times a day and he was teasing her that she was being drawn in. He said something about "We'll have normal food when I get home though right." My mother has similarly called my whole foods diet "not what we eat.", "Your kind of cuisine" and other derogatory comments to eating brown rice instead of white or having hot cereal instead of something processed, sweetened and badly in need of liquid coming straight out of a box with a shelf life of many years.

When did real food become different? How is it that instant is more important than health? An apple is pretty instant but it isn't as revered as a bar loaded with sweeteners, fat and less energy? Salad is about as far as whole anything that many people ever get. It is limited to not only a small side but usually the options of salad for many are a little lettuce, maybe a carrot or tomato and a whole lot of dressing.

All I'm really doing is expanding the amounts of vegetables, whole grains, beans etc. that we have to enjoy for most people. Finding inexhaustible new twists to make it all more fun. My mom likes to have her same dozen or so meals that she knows how to do over and over and over. A new twist ought to be more than finding the latest item in the frozen or instant section of a supermarket.

It's sad to me now that I find so much health, freedom and fun from eating what is considered a new way. (Really it's about as old as it gets for humans with higher thinking.) The sad part being that it can be so threatening to some people. That what they eat is so tightly wound up with their identity of who they are that they are not open to trying a cabbage salad other than Cole slaw or that there are more greens besides lettuce. They don't give quinoa a try until their favorite restaurant serves it up and think healthy breakfast means grape nuts or granola instead of the myriad possibilities with the many whole grains.

It used to be common to take the polenta from dinner and fry it up for breakfast and add a fruit syrup on top. Millet works wonderfully the same way with even more health benefits. Putting on a pot of beans or rice or both was no big deal a hundred years ago or so. It can be even more simple today. You don't need to start the fire. The time it took to cook can easily be used to do other things as it doesn't need babysitting.

With so many people not only being overweight, but wrecking their health getting diabetes, that leads to blindness or kidney failure or dropping dead from heart disease or even just the need for anti-depressants from failure to nourish ones self on every level, there is definitely a need to get back to "My kind of food". It works. It's simple. And best of all, it tastes great.

Get a new idea about how much time things take or what you are willing to make, eat, order or buy. Eating better is worth being a little different for now. It's soon going to be back in vogue anyway. It's cheaper than Botox or surgery. You can kiss your prescriptions good bye. And remember my friend. She only dabbles and gets to be the size she was in high school or even skinnier.

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