Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Okay to Change Your Mind

Yesterday I was determined to go back and return a purchase that I bought. I had been to the store once already that morning. Frustrated with the salesman's lack of human emotion as he couldn't seem to see that with Internet pricing these days there has to be some more service in customer service. He said he would see what he could do about waving the fee and returning my money as it was policy to only give store credit on returns, when I spoke to him for about the 3rd time on the phone that day. I was angry at this inane store policy and ready to fight. Then I realized that perhaps I might want to keep the purchase after all, but I wasn't sure. I texted a friend who knows far more about camera equipment than I do. Hey it was still a brand new lens with box, packing materials and all. I marched up to the bus stop, got on the bus and headed East for the second time that day. She texted back. It wasn't enough information. I texted again. I was halfway or more to my Hollywood destination and in Beverly Hills when I knew I was keeping the lens, even before I got her answer. I got off the bus. Walked a few feet, and got on another bus to go back home.

How this relates to food is that so often when we make a decision we think we have to stick to it. I know I have had the experience of taking more food than I really needed and eating it anyway. Or making something and not really wanting it after all. (That doesn't happen often.) The point is okay to change your mind. It's okay to say, oh I thought I wanted all of this but I really don't. Or to have just a little and leave the rest. Or to put what you just made away and make something else and look forward to the first creation tomorrow. Everything is adjustable but many have learned to make a choice and stick with it even when it is hurtful. Meals go by one by one fairly quickly and there are always more. What habits have you been creating that you might want to change now? Where have you been eating too much or too little? Where does junk or chocolate substitute for a meal? It's okay to change your mind. Change in the middle of the eating. Just put it down and let it go. This might seem really odd at first. Hey, getting off the bus and letting go of my mission yesterday felt odd. It also felt exhilarating, liberating and free. I really don't know where my new camera interest is leading me. It doesn't matter. I'm having fun and learning and growing every step of the way. Using our lives to become more of who we want to be has that effect. Plus it's okay to change your mind and go in a new direction anytime.

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