Friday, December 12, 2008

How often do our thoughts trick us into thinking things that are simply not true? This morning I woke up ready for breakfast. I am usually hungry in the morning. I had some rye flakes for cereal and I cooked up and apple with cinnamon. It didn't look like much. I kept thinking I need more food, this isn't enough and similar untrue ideas. It was cold in my apartment so the hot food felt great. I sat with my little bowl enjoying the flavors and textures and warmth. After a few bites I realized I had plenty of food. The old "eyes bigger than stomach" routine that used to get me to overeat at many a meal was trying to fool me.

The vast majority of people that populate much of the western world seem to be overeating. Granted they are eating foods that are not conducive to health, vitality or being slender, often as well. It's easy to eat to capacity or beyond for a lot of folks. I do also know people who absolutely hate that full feeling. They are thin. They hardly ever eat too much. They don't mind being hungry. Plus they do know that there will be food available when they need or want it.

Many clients who come to me want to be given the "right" amounts to be eating but since that is impossible to really know for any individual I like to give them guides as to how the food works, what to recognize as true hunger and true full signals and such. I was laughing at myself this morning though realizing that there is an element I teach that even I can easily push away. The listening to old tapes in my head.

We all have them. The tricksters that keep us safely who we believe ourselves to be. Is it true? If you decide it is than sure, but only you can decide for yourself who you will be. In every moment you have the opportunity to shift and be who you would like to be being. Sometimes it is not so easy. The hunger seems so real. My own hunger this morning had more to do with trying to cover up other feelings I wanted to ignore than needed any more food. Our core fears lurking somewhere in the depths of our minds come up with fantastically intricate ways to keep themselves alive. They are very fun to discover and dissolve as I did in an instant of a thought and bing! I was comfortably satisfied and on with my day. Hurray for insights, tools and the gifts of coaching.

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