Monday, December 15, 2008

2 parts Rye Flakes 1 part Teff

I've been enjoying rye flakes cooked into cereal for the last few mornings. I was down to just the last bit of rye and I had a tiny amount of teff left. Teff is the smallest grain in the world. I just love the ivory teff cooked up to be somewhat like cream of wheat. I tossed the two of them into a pot with a couple cups of boiling water. I had maybe 1/2 C. of grain. It simmered up to be absolutely delightful. Of course a little flax oil always makes me happy. A little Apple compote never even touched the bowl. I ate it first. The flavor, texture and level of being full was far superior to either grain by themselves.

Now was it this new combo of grains first thing in the morning or something else that made the day great? I will never know. I had an incredible day of being calm, focused and satiated throughout the hours. I read recently that eating whole grains consistently does far more than simply nourish the body. They act on the psyche and spirit as well. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps it was just a magical day. Try some yourself and see.

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